Our History


Roger Negaard purchased a ServiceMaster franchise in central Minnesota and began cleaning and maintaining several buildings in the area. Much of this ServiceMaster business involves the maintenance of hard surface flooring, such as VCT, vinyl, tile and grout, and concrete. Most hard surface floors require routine and ongoing stripping, buffing and recoating. This process can produce an adequate shine but is very labor intensive. The finish begins to degrade the moment people start walking on the floors. It is difficult to make decent margins, and employee morale often fades over time. Roger was quoted saying “There has to be a better way to finish and maintain these floors”.

1995 – 2007

The search began for a better product that would protect, provide abrasion resistance, and produce a beautiful shine. The ideal product would need to be low maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly and require less labor.

Travis Negaard joined his dad, Roger, in this venture and they began working with multiple chemists to help formulate a product to fill this need.

Travis and Roger marketed and distributed some of the first urethane floor coatings available for the vinyl tile market.

2008 to Current

Ultra Durable Technologies was initiated by Travis Negaard to be a manufacturing company intended to take the urethane coating business to a new level. The innovative finishes, guards and sealants manufactured by UDT are developed by people who understand the industry, know the challenges inherent to floor care, and sincerely care for the people that put their “blood, sweat, and tears” into maintaining floors on a daily basis around the world.


Travis NegaardTravis Negaard, President – Travis originally got his “feet wet” in traditional acrylic processes as the floor crew manager at a local ServiceMaster franchise. His 25 years of industry experience helps bridge the gap between chemist and applicator. He avoids shortcutting the testing, research and development side of the business. Travis focuses on harvesting and developing long-term relationships in industry.
Dave Verlennich, Director Product Development – Dave started doing business with Ultra Durable Technologies in the late 90’s. Dave has over 20 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry and extensive knowledge of the processes involved with concrete installation, staining, dying, polishing and coating. Dave also has experience with manufacturing concrete products on a national scale. His extensive industry knowledge and professionalism brings product development, customer interaction and technical support to a very high level.
Robert MathewsRobert Mathews, Director of Training – Robert has spent 15 years as an independent contractor and 8 additional years applying the EPIC and IMPACT products from Ultra Durable Technologies. Robert uses his experience to support existing facility managers, supervisors, and contractors on the use of UDT floor care products. He assists new contractors and managers with the implementation of UDT products. Additionally, he leads UDT technical and sales training seminars.
Ellen Robeck Ellen Robeck, Office Manager – Ellen joined UDT in 2014 with over 20 years of customer service and bookkeeping experience. She had a housecleaning business for a few years and managed a chiropractic clinic. During the last few years, Ellen has been responsible for the day-to-day operations in UDT’s main office. Recently, her role has shifted towards office management. She handles our accounting and human resources and assists our employees and customers.
Kyle HansonKyle Hanson, Operations Manager – Kyle starting working with Travis in 2008 when the EPIC product was still a concept. He has witnessed the products evolve over the past years. Kyle is not afraid to get his hands dirty and figure out new methods to make the manufacturing process run more smoothly and efficiently. His thorough understanding of the preparation and application processes bolsters his customer support capabilities.
Roger NegaardRoger Negaard, Consultant – Roger can often be found hanging out at UDT headquarters in St. Cloud. Everyone agrees that he is great resource to talk to about new processes and ideas. His “outside the box” mentality continues to send him to new and exciting places. He is currently working on and improving various chemical-free cleaning systems that work great in conjunction with the sustainable coatings manufactured by UDT. Roger is always willing to lend an ear and offer bits of wisdom when the time is right.