Benefits of Ultra Deep Clean Tile & Grout Cleaner

tile grout cleanerThat grout isn’t supposed to be black, is it?

Dirty, soiled or stained grout can completely spoil the look of your floor. Even if the tiles are clean, the whole effect is spoiled if they are separated by dirty grey, brown or even black lines. Not only that, but grout is porous and can harbor dangerous bacteria that are hazardous to health and also emit a foul odor.  Let’s have a look at the reasons for this and what you can do to keep your grout looking clean and fresh.

What Causes  Grout to Discolor?

Grout is porous and it collects residue from dirty water, urine, cosmetics and airborne contaminants. Included in these are fungal spores that lead to mildew and mold growth, and also dangerous bacteria. The warm environment of a kitchen, shower or washroom tends to promote rapid growth of these microbes and microorganisms, discoloring the grout and making it appear dirty.

Not only is this unhealthy, but it makes the affected surfaces look dirty and neglected.  This is not just a cosmetic problem and can have far-reaching negative effects on establishments such as restaurants and hotels. Dirty washrooms or bathrooms give visitors a negative impression and they are likely to believe that if the restroom or bathroom is not cleaned properly then the kitchen may also be in a similar unhygienic condition. This results in loss of business. So what can be done?

ULTRA Deep Clean Tile & Grout Cleaner

It is possible to wash down tiled surfaces with bleach, and while this is helpful, bleach does not offer a long-term solution to the problem. ULTRA Deep Clean is a low pH solution of organic salt that effectively cleans grout without etching or damaging the tile surface, and nor will it burn your skin.  If you have natural stone surfaces, such as marble or limestone, it is best to test a small area first.

ULTRA Deep Clean employs unique high-performance technology that opens and cleans deep into the pores of the grout to attack bacteria, molds and other stains and bring the grout back to its original condition. The grout itself is not weakened by this treatment. ULTRA Deep Clean is also effective on colored grouts. We offer a UDT Grout Colorant that will either freshen up the original color or add color to a white grout. This gives your tiling a unique look while maintaining its grout-like appearance.

Benefits of Tile & Grout Cleaner: Conclusion

Grout has a specific purpose when used on tiling, and is not just used for its decorative effect. It fills in the spaces between tiles and also helps to maintain the strength of the tile structure. These functions must be retained after cleaning and your tiling should look as good as new. ULTRA Deep Clean by Ultra Durable Technologies meets each of these needs. It helps you impress visitors with the cleanliness of your restroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Now seal and protect your restored tile and grout floor with Ultra Durable Technologies EPIC Tile and Grout Sealer.