Ceramic Tile & Grout Sealers and Colorants

Ultra Durable Technologies offers a premium line of flooring and surface urethane sealers and finishes.

EPIC Tile and Grout System

EPIC® Tile & Grout

EPIC Tile & Grout is a three-step tile & grout cleaning and restoration process that will transform unsightly, stained grout and dull tile into like-new condition. (Read More)
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Ultra Deep Clean Tile & Grout Cleaner

ULTRA Deep Clean

ULTRA Deep Clean is a professional-grade restorative cleaner and descaler for tile, grout and concrete. ULTRA Deep Clean safely and efficiently lifts stains and contaminants from deep within grout, concrete and other porous surfaces. (Read More)

UDT Grout Colorant

UDT Grout Colorant

UDT Grout Colorant is a professional-grade grout colorant that penetrates existing grout lines, rejuvenating the appearance of tile and grout surfaces.. (Read More)
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