Concrete and Terrazzo Sealers, Coatings and Dyes

Ultra Durable Technologies offers a premium line of Concrete and Terrazzo Sealers, Coatings & Dyes.

IMPACT Premium Concrete Sealer


IMPACT is a premium water-based urethane hard surface sealer alternative for traditional concrete, terrazzo and natural stone floor finishes. Never strip or buff your concrete floors again. (Read More on IMPACT)

IMPACT for Terrazzo Sealer

IMPACT for Terrazzo

is optimized to provide extreme durability, protection and gloss without any buffing or the need to be recoated for up to four years with minimal maintenance procedures.. (Read More on IMPACT for Terrazzo)
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IMPACT Guard for Polished Concrete

UDT Water-based Concrete Dye

Of the millions of square feet of poured concrete flooring the majority of it has dried to a gray finish. To change the color of these concrete floors, you will need to use a concrete dye. (Read More on UDT Concrete Dye)
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