Concrete Protection: How to Protect Concrete Flooring

Concrete ProtectionConcrete protection is essential if your concrete flooring is to give you the life you expect out of it. The same is true of stone flooring and terrazzo. Here at Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT), we know how to protect concrete, flooring and countertops, stone flooring and also composite terrazzo flooring and tiles. This also includes maintaining a smooth, protective membrane with a high-gloss or matte finish throughout their extended lifetimes.

Concrete might appear to be very durable, and it is, but it will eventually break down if it is subjected to heavy traffic or contamination with water or chemicals while being unprotected. Concrete and terrazzo are susceptible to water ingress and acid stains which accelerates wear causes etching and reduces the life of the flooring.

IMPACT Concrete Sealer: Ultimate Concrete Protection

A simple way to protect stone, terrazzo, and concrete, and also epoxy terrazzo flooring, is to coat it with a chemical and water-resistant durable sealer. Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT)IMPACT Concrete Sealer has been developed not only to protect concrete flooring from traffic abrasion and chemical contamination, but also for stone, terrazzo, epoxy. IMPACT is a great sealer for new concrete, terrazzo, epoxy and stone surfaces and on older concrete floor surfaces to rejuvenate and extend their lifetimes.

What comes first and what can I expect?

First and foremost, the floor should be deep cleaned. Any existing surface finishes must be removed by stripping or grinding. Then apply the UDT IMPACT Concrete Sealer according to the instructions provided and allow it to dry. Depending on the surface and the drying time selected, concrete floors can often be used 4 hours after application. IMPACT provides a shiny, abrasion and chemical resistant finish that enhances the natural color while protecting the surface.

Here are some of the main benefits of using IMPACT Concrete Sealer to protect your concrete and terrazzo flooring:

• Provides a smooth, hard finish
• Improved abrasion impact resistance and resistance to pedestrian traffic and forklifts
• Resistant to water and most chemical staining as well as acid etching
• Non-yellowing and suitable for all colors of flooring including white concrete
• Being water-based, it has very low amounts of VOCs and is virtually odor-free
• IMPACT concrete protection is environmentally friendly
• Very fast drying: will dry suitable for foot traffic in as little as 4 hours
• IMPACT will protect concrete flooring anywhere, from industrial and warehouses to mall floors, hospitals, and schools.
• IMPACT is available in a variety of sheens and can be pigmented

IMPACT Concrete Sealer cures to an extremely hard and highly abrasion-resistant finish. It can be used on practically all types of concrete, stone, epoxy and terrazzo flooring. Because of its low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it can be used in occupied spaces such as classrooms, offices, and stores. IMPACT Sealer has a very low odor during and after application.