Countertop Sealer for Restaurants and Catering Firms

A countertop sealer is an important product for any new or refurbished restaurant, bar or catering company. It’s not only the floors of such establishments that must be hygienic and easy to clean but also the countertops and serving areas.

Restaurant, bars, and catering businesses have specific local authorities and national standards for cleanliness to meet, and a failure to meet these could result in the business being closed until the required cleanliness standards have been met. But don’t worry – there is an easy solution that will help your concrete and stone countertops meet any regulations – local or national.

I-TECH Countertop Sealer for Natural Stone and Concrete Countertops

Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT), I-TECH will solve any issues you have with the hygiene of your concrete or natural stone countertops. It is a water-based urethane countertop sealer that will provide protection against staining and wear of stone or concrete surfaces while meeting any environmental regulation.

The I-TECH solution is a low-VOC formula, and it possesses a low odor making it suitable for use in preparation areas and serving rooms. It not only protects the countertop from contamination, by sealing the surface but is very easy to clean, reducing the spread of bacteria. I-TECH resists staining and is non-yellowing, so it will preserve the appearance of white and pale-colored surfaces.

Not Only a Countertop Concrete Sealer

I-TECH is not only a concrete countertop sealer, but it also seals and protects terrazzo, natural stone countertops, outdoor kitchens, fireplace surrounds and drink rails. It can be used on practically any surface that would benefit from a sealer or protective coating, particularly if the surface is subject to high levels of wear and abrasion.
View our I-TECH Abrasion Demonstration.

The nature of the I-TECH formulation is such that it is tough and abrasion resistant, and also tends to resist damage from many other forms of abuse. If the surface is liable to experience knocks, scuffing and scraping, then it will benefit from this ‘countertop’ sealer.

Benefits of I-TECH Countertop and Natural Stone Sealer

Here are some of the main benefits of using I-TECH sealer for natural stone and concrete countertops.

• Highly durable to knocks, scrapes, and abrasion
• High level of adhesion to concrete and stone
• Stain-resistant
• Low odor for use in confined and occupied spaces
• Resistant to chemicals, bleaches, and cleaners
• Water-based with low VOCs
• Non-yellowing: no discoloration of white and pale finishes
• Available in satin or high-gloss versions
• Easily cleaned and maintained

I-TECH Countertop Sealer – Summary

I-TECH countertop sealer is ideal for use in any environment or premises where hygiene is important. It meets VOC regulations and its high level of impact and abrasion resistance renders the surface less likely to harbor bacterial growth. It is very easy to clean, and is highly resistant to bleaches and antibacterial cleaners, rendering it a hygienic sealer to use in any environment.