In today’s market, decorative concrete including colored, stamped, terrazzo and exposed natural stone is being installed as a decorative design item, rather than just a functional industrial hard surface. Whether you are remodeling or re-purposing an existing floor with decorative overlays, an original work of art, dyes and stenciling or working on a new concrete project where the sky is the limit, our Ultra Durable products will enhance and maintain your designs for years to come with our complete line of urethane based products:

EPIC for linoleum, VCT, vinyl and LVT
EPIC Tile and Grout for grouted surfaces in locker rooms, bathrooms and cafeterias
IMPACT for concrete, terrazzo, epoxy terrazzo and natural stone flooring
I-TECH for concrete, terrazzo and natural stone countertops
Ultra Deep Clean a descaler for tile, grout and concrete
Grout Colorant grout color renewal and restoration for any grouted surface
Grip and Adhesion Additives that exceed ADA SCOF and increase DCOF in wet or slip prone areas
Tools and Equipment for floor maintenance professionals and our certified contractors.

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I-TECH on Concrete Counter IMPACT over designer artwork
EPIC Floor Finish on Vinyl EPIC Floor Finish on Linoleum
IMPACT on Concrete IMPACT on Dyed Concrete