EPIC® for Linoleum

EPIC after five years 2013-2018.


Ultra Durable Technologies’ EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish improves the appearance of Linoleum (and LVT, VCT, and Vinyl) surfaces while simultaneously decreasing the maintenance requirements and creating a safer, healthier environment. This includes ridding routine floor care programs of buffing, stripping, and waxing FOREVER! Because Linoleum is very sensitive to wax strippers and other high-pH cleaners, EPIC is a perfect choice to protect Linoleum.


Linoleum is made with natural materials such as linseed oil, wood or cork powder, and ground stone. It is marketed as green with potential for LEED point contribution and is typically found in hospitals, clinics, schools, and government buildings.

Linoleum has welded seams (see photo), which are commonly known to deteriorate easily. Linoleum is also sold in 13” x 13” tiles with non-welded seams. These non-welded seams can have other detrimental issues such as adhesive coming up between tiles, moisture going down between tiles, and/or excessive gaps forming between tiles due to settling or improper installation.

Although Linoleum usually comes with a protective UV-cured factory finish, this finish eventually diminishes and leaves the linoleum exposed. Linoleum is sensitive to solvents and alkalinity (including wax strippers), meaning acrylic floor care programs are quite problematic. Unlike traditional acrylic wax finishes, EPIC lasts 3-5 years before needing a re-coat and requires absolutely no buffing or stripping! It is also non-yellowing, which is ideal for this yellowing-prone floor type.


When applied to Linoleum, EPIC creates a monolithic membrane and therefore provides a seamless surface. This surface keeps moisture out and protects the welded seams and Linoleum from scuffs, scratches, chemical stains, and more. EPIC maintains a sustainable shine for Linoleum and enhances its color rather than making it it dull and yellow like traditional acrylic waxes. What’s even better is that EPIC requires NO BUFFING and can go 3-5 years between re-coats. Routine cleaning only requires water or aqueous ozone and sweeping or microfiber mopping!


EPIC is an innovative, high-performance, water-based urethane floor finish exclusively formulated by Ultra Durable Technologies to replace all the hassles associated with traditional floor finishes and waxes. EPIC also…

  • Replaces multiple coats of traditional acrylic floor finish with just one thin coat
  • Eliminates buffing and stripping entirely, creating a healthier indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Minimizes chemical and material waste with eco-friendly, water-based urethane
  • Improves the overall health & safety of facilities without degrading from frequent sanitizing
  • Restores dull and heavily-worn Linoleum floors to a better-than-new condition
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance costs and spreads out recoating processes
  • Is non-yellowing, UV-stable, and extremely chemical and abrasion-resistant
  • Significantly increases abrasion-resistance and traction when combined with Ultra Grip wear additives
  • Is available in a High-Gloss, Semi-Gloss, or Matte sheen


While the initial cost of applied EPIC may be slightly higher than traditional acrylic wax, the ROI is often achieved within the first year (see graph on right). Other than labor costs associated with routine cleaning, there is no cost to floor care for 3-5 years when using these products. Moreover, you’re left with flooring that maintains a consistent, incomparable shine without the hassle of buffing, and the cost savings continue to rise exponentially over time.