Floor and Surface Protectors

You have taken the time to seal and beautify your flooring. Whether you used EPIC® to finish your VCT, vinyl, LVT or linoleum or you chose IMPACT for your finished concrete or terrazzo flatwork, now comes the important task… you need to protect that new finish!

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One of the biggest ongoing flooring maintenance issues is scratches, especially those caused by equipment and furniture such as carts, bookcases, chairs and tables that are constantly moved back and forth across office and warehouse flooring.

So what can you do to help ensure your flooring stays looking like new?

One of the easiest way to reduce the incident of floor scratches is to protect the legs, casters and sliders of expensive equipment and furniture. Solutions range from simple self-adhesive felt pads to Snap-On Floor Savers®, Slip-On® Floor Savers®, Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors, Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers®, or a myriad of other solutions distributed by ULTRA DURABLE Durable Technologies. If you are not sure what sizes you may need, please order these helpful measuring tools for a correct fit.

Some of the products we offer work better with different furniture and flooring types. Check out our store to view the most common floor protectors that our customers order. If you can’t find what you need online, please view the ET catalog for a complete listing of floor protection solutions.

No flooring or furniture protector is fool-proof. Improper installation of the protectors could lead to unwanted scuffs and scratches. Please use the correct tools and follow all manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

Remember, that even when properly attached, flooring protectors and felt pads will wear over time and may fall off or rip, especially when placed on furniture and equipment that get frequently used. So check your furniture and floor protectors often to make sure that theprotectors are securely in place and free of dirt and debris.

Snap-On Floor Savers®, Slip-On® Floor Savers®, Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors, Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers® are Trademarks of Expanded Technologies.