Make your Floors – Ultra Durable

If you are like most facilities, you are dealing with multiple flooring and surfaces materials. One of the biggest challenges in building maintenance are the myriad of flooring surfaces in the same facility, which can complicate cleaning and maintenance.

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With Ultra Durable Technologies’ (UDT) line of coating products EPIC, IMPACT and I-TECH you can clean, seal, coat and refinish all those different surfaces. We provide an Ultra Durable solution that requires simple maintenance to preserve your floors for years to come.

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Concrete floor protected with IMPACT Sealer Terrazzo Concrete floor protected with EPIC Sealer
wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Google-Forbo-Washington protected and enhanced with Ultra Durable Technologies VCT beautified with EPIC Sealer
Walmart mens room protected with EPIC. Vinyl flooring protected with EPIC - Satin finish.
Natural stone protected and beautified by IMPACT  

Whatever mix of flooring surfaces you have, we have a time and money saving solution for you. Call our experts and get on the road to EPIC bottom line savings. Contact UDT today to find out how Ultra Durable Technologies’ coatings can improve your facility.