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UDT - Vinyl, Tile & Terrazzo Sample Book
UDT - Vinyl, Tile & Terrazzo Sample Book$50.00
2019 UDT Company Brochure
2019 UDT Company Brochure$1.00$20.00
EPIC Tile & Grout Supply Toolbox
EPIC Tile & Grout Supply Toolbox$460.00
EPIC VCT/LVT Supply Toolbox
EPIC VCT/LVT Supply Toolbox$425.00
EPIC Healthcare Supply Toolbox
EPIC Healthcare Supply Toolbox$410.00
IMPACT Supply Toolbox
IMPACT Supply Toolbox$425.00
UDT Grout Colorant Sample Box
UDT Grout Colorant Sample Box$25.00
Show & Tell Sales Kit
Show & Tell Sales Kit$60.00
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Formed Felt™ Floor Savers®
Formed Felt™ Floor Savers®$10.85$967.97
Tools for Custom Furniture Leg Measuring
Tools for Custom Furniture Leg Measuring$2.41$150.66
Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors
Clear Sleeve™ Floor Protectors$9.61$1,846.79
Snap-On Floor Savers
Snap-On Floor Savers$4.34$640.79
Slip-Over® Installation Tool
Slip-Over® Installation Tool$6.00$133.92
Vending Machine Floor Savers
Vending Machine Floor Savers$5.87$146.61
Heavy Duty Felt Pads
Heavy Duty Felt Pads$7.92$691.41
Replacement Chair Tips
Replacement Chair Tips$11.90$1,039.17
Slip-Over® Floor Savers®
Slip-Over® Floor Savers®$5.33$933.01
CasterTire Floor Savers
CasterTire Floor Savers$2.39$1,003.51
Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers®
Wrap-Around™ Floor Savers®$13.96$907.77
Slip-On® Floor Savers®
Slip-On® Floor Savers®$7.38$984.64
Various Easycove cove base
Easycove® engineered cove base$358.80$514.05
Cove Corners
Cove Corners$18.72$142.08
Easycove Adhesives
Easycove® Adhesives$19.50$565.80