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ProductNamePrice Purchase Options
UltraMax High-Solids Urethane
UltraMax High-Solids Urethane$39.00$327.50
UDT Fast Cure Epoxy
UDT Fast Cure Epoxy$207.00$990.00
UDT Cold Cure Epoxy
UDT Cold Cure Epoxy$219.00$1,050.00
UDT MP Epoxy - Clear
UDT MP Epoxy - Clear$207.00$990.00
UDT UltraSpartic
UDT UltraSpartic$387.00$1,830.00
EPIC Tile & Grout
EPIC Tile & Grout$145.00$285.00
I-TECH Countertop Coating
I-TECH Countertop Coating$65.00
CSP Sealer
CSP Sealer$70.00$375.00
UDT Concrete Dye
UDT Concrete Dye$39.00
Chip Flakes
Chip Flakes
Ultra Grip for EPIC & IMPACT
Ultra Grip for EPIC & IMPACT$1.50
Epoxy Patch Additive:  5-gallon
Epoxy Patch Additive: 5-gallon$60.00
Quartz Granules
Quartz Granules
UDT Abrasion Resistance Additive
UDT Abrasion Resistance Additive$15.00$15.75
I-TECH Satin Package
I-TECH Satin Package$77.15
I-TECH Gloss Package
I-TECH Gloss Package$77.15