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Facilities occupied for governmental purposes are typically filled to the brim with people. In these facilities, civilians and/or military personnel leave scratches and scuffs as they flood through hallways, lobbies, and common spaces. Over time, this wear and tear becomes visible on the flooring and leaves the entire establishment looking dull and dingy. Government service buildings especially are a source of pride for a city, county, state, or country. Whether or not it is intentional, these facilities inform the public about dignity and respect. If the DMV and courthouse are unkempt or just plain filthy, this can say to the public being served that the government is unorganized versus orderly. It can also reflect poorly on those in power who do not call for improvement in these spaces. Either way, the wrong message is being sent.

A simple yet powerful change to implement in worn-out government buildings, correctional facilities, military bases, etc. is to give the floors a makeover. The flooring in a space covers a lot of ground (pun intended) and can make or break the overall impression. By providing and maintaining floors that are clean, shiny, and slip-resistant, anyone passing through these spaces will feel safe and respected. They will also have more respect for the facility as well as for those it belongs to, meaning they will be more inclined to keep a nice building looking nice (as opposed to a building that no one seems to care for). It is a win-win situation.


Speaking of impressions, first impressions are achieved the second a person enters a building. However, did you know that the condition of restrooms& other grouted surfaces speaks loudly to the quality and cleanliness of an entire establishment?

“Almost three-fourths of consumers believe a bad restroom indicates poor management. Another two-thirds say it lowers their opinion of the company, shows the business doesn’t care about customers, and gives the impression [that] the company is lazy or sloppy.”

— 2013 National survey conducted by Bradley Corporation

Dirty restrooms with bad odors always leave bad impressions. Floors that have not been properly sealed collect foul-smelling contaminants within their pores. These contaminants are offensive to all the senses, and they act like a repellent to those you are serving. Grout is easily stained and very difficult to clean. When grouted surfaces are not properly cared for, the entire facility is likely to be associated with filthiness and low standards.

The Ultra Durable solution to filthy tile and grout is an Ultra Deep Clean and an EPIC seal! The combination of UDT’s Ultra Deep Clean, Grout Colorant, and EPIC Tile & Grout is perfect for bringing your grouted surfaces back to life and meeting a proper hygienic standard. For specific information on the EPIC Tile and Grout System, check out this article on tile and grout cleaning or this page about tile and gout !

EPIC Tile & Grout Before & After

If a floor is being coated for protection and shine, the floor technicians are most likely going to use traditional acrylic wax. Acrylic wax may be easy to apply, but it requires multiple layers to offer any kind of barrier to abrasion. Unfortunately, this 5-6 layer barrier only ends up lasting 3-6 months (at best) and needs to then be buffed and recoated. Imagine all of the water wasted, electricity, labor, and chemicals!

In addition to not requiring any buffing, UDT’s water-based urethane coatings, EPIC and IMPACT, only need to be recoated every 3-5 years even in high-traffic areas! EPIC (for vinyl) and IMPACT (for concrete and terrazzo) are also extremely easy to clean. Only water, aqueous ozone, or ionized water, and an auto scrubber or microfiber mop are needed! These water-based urethanes will resist heavy abrasion as well as chemicals like hand sanitizer. Only one thin coat will get the job done and require no maintenance beyond the previously mentioned routine cleaning. This means business can carry on as usual without the frequent interruptions of stripping, recoating, and buffing required for wax finishes. Imagine only having to plan for flooring recoats every few years instead of every few months!


Did you know that buffing is a health hazard?

Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, particles (including mold, chemicals, dust, viruses, and bacteria) are forced into the air and breathed by janitors, military personnel, civilians, government workers, and whoever else walks into the vicinity. These airborne contaminants pose a health threat, especially during flu season. Your facility becomes more susceptible to illnesses that spread through the air because the contagion is being stirred off the floors and back into the air of frequently occupied spaces.

Here’s the good news:

When we say Ultra Durable Technologies’ floor coatings don’t require ANY buffing, we mean it! Keeping floors clean and shiny is not done at the cost of societal health. You don’t have to worry about infection-causing agents, whether they be bacterial or viral, being disturbed and forced back into the air of your facility. UDT helps keep government facilities clean and easy to clean without using the harmful method of buffing.


In addition to routine maintenance being minimal and recoat interruptions being rare, our coating technologies can be walked on in as little as 4 hours (the 8-hour cure option can also be utilized if desired). Our coatings will free up labor time and energy, saving businesses up to 60% on annual floor maintenance spending. Over time, this accumulates to thousands of dollars saved that can be put towards more urgent and significant projects. Stop putting priorities on the back burner because all your time and money are being poured into floor care!



One of the most common floor types used in government buildings (i.e. state capitol buildings, Social Security, etc.) is terrazzo. It is usually polished and waxed with acrylic, which, in some cases, can actually cause slip hazards. IMPACT, UDT’s clear urethane sealer for polished concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone flooring, has an impressive track record on terrazzo floors located in extremely high-traffic. IMPACT offers a consistent shine, long-lasting stain protection (even from acids), and incredible resistance to abrasion from extreme foot traffic. For extra traction and safety, consider adding Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate to the mix!


Another common floor type in government buildings is concrete. When left unprotected, concrete can end up looking dull and dusty. IMPACT can be applied directly to concrete (even polished concrete) and lasts years even in high-traffic entrances and public spaces such as lobbies. IMPACT also brings out the natural beauty of concrete and, as with terrazzo, can provide traction when combined with UDT’s abrasion resistance additives. One thin coat is all you need!

Tile & Grout

Again, dirty tile and grout leave a lasting negative impression on anyone who enters a facility. Because entrances and public spaces are high-traffic areas, it’s important to seal tile and grout with an impenetrable barrier that is also highly resistant to scratches and scuffs. UDT’s EPIC Tile & Grout system restores and protects these surfaces while also preventing odors. EPIC also has incredible gloss retention, meaning the shine lasts for years before EPIC needs to be recoated. Shiny floors are not only impressive; they also create and maintain a hospitable and clean environment for visitors and employees alike.


Listed below are some of UDT’s most common products and systems, specified for each different surface you might encounter within government facilities. If you have any questions about our products or our company, don’t hesitate to call for support at320-258-2266. We’d be happy to help you!

Public Spaces:


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Commercial Kitchens:

EPIC Tile & Grout PDS
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