Water-Based Urethane Concrete Sealer – Making an IMPACT!

Not just another water-based urethane concrete sealer

Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT), IMPACT Concrete Sealer is a very effective water-based urethane concrete sealer that can be customized to reduce slips and falls and is easy to maintain. It provides color enhancing and abrasion resistance and is available in GLOSS and MATTE finishes. If downtime is important to you, then the drying speed of IMPACT Concrete Sealer will allow you to return your floor to service in just 4 hours.

The Benefits of IMPACT Concrete Sealer

Many commercial and industrial businesses use IMPACT concrete sealer. Here are some of the advantages of using  IMPACT water-based urethane concrete sealer for the contractor and the building owner:

• Abrasion resistant: is highly suitable for use in schools, colleges, churches, government buildings, stores, commercial offices, warehouses, restaurants, mall floors, retail premises and residential garage floors or anywhere you have high traffic areas.
• Repairable, should the flooring become damaged.
• Non-yellowing and the perfect concrete floor sealer for white and other pale-colored floors.
• Fast drying, concrete floor sealer, so it can be applied and left overnight for use the next morning. It can dry to a durable finish that can be walked upon from 4-8 hours.
• IMPACT a water-based urethane concrete sealer, so it contains very low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that emit offensive odors when drying. It is therefore environmentally-friendly.
• It is available in several sheen levels from satin, matte and gloss.
• Adds depth and luster to dyed, stained and otherwise colored concrete.
• Is available in clear or a number of standard colors.
• It has superior stain resistance.

IMPACT Concrete Sealer can be used, not only on traditional concrete but also on stone and traditional and epoxy terrazzo. It is suitable for use on any interior concrete flatwork and can be applied by spray or roller.

Why use IMPACT water-based urethane concrete sealer on your floors?

Good question, so why would you use IMPACT Floor Sealer rather than any other concrete sealer on the market?

One reason is the amount of research and development put into arriving at this final product. A great deal of development and testing has taken place into using the product in a variety of potential applications. The result is a water-based urethane concrete sealer that does what it was designed to do, does so effectively, and does so economically.
If you have a concrete, stone, terrazzo or epoxy floor that needs to be refurbished, enriched and protected, then our IMPACT Concrete Sealer provides the solution you are looking for. It is more than just a concrete sealer! When installed with the appropriate additives, IMPACT can cut down on slips and falls and still looks fantastic. If you have important visitors tomorrow, then apply this tonight and it will be dry by morning. It takes just 4-8 hours till it is dry enough to walk on.