IMPACT for Terrazzo

impact for terrazzo

Are you searching for a way to save money and improve the appearance and protection of your new or existing terrazzo floors? If so, look no further than IMPACT for Terrazzo!

IMPACT is a revolutionary product that is manufactured exclusively by Ultra Durable Technologies. The technology found in IMPACT is garnered from over 20 years of experience and research of terrazzo compounds including urethanes, epoxies, and cement-based products.


One easy coat of IMPACT will brighten and enhance terrazzo floors more than acrylic wax and simultaneously save you time and money because it will last years without the frequent scrubbing & recoating, buffing, and stripping processes!


The polishing process is a slow, expensive endeavor that even “the pros” find challenging. One simple scrub or grind followed by one easy coat of IMPACT will yield a high shine that compares to polish. However, IMPACT will be extremely more chemical resistant without the need for a “polish guard” that requires ongoing, continual maintenance similar to acrylic waxes.


IMPACT has an impressive track record on terrazzo floors located in extremely high traffic areas of schools, hospitals, airports, museums, and stadiums. IMPACT offers a consistent shine, long-lasting stain protection (even from acids), and incredible resistance to abrasion from luggage, hospital beds, grocery carts, and extreme foot traffic.

  • Absolutely NO need for diamond pads and NO buffing or burnishing
  • Easy, one thin-coat application
  • Super-wetting that enhances and brightens colors
  • Non-yellowing and UV stable
  • Extreme chemical and abrasion resistance (even to acids)
  • Increased slip-resistance available for ramps and stairs
  • High-gloss or matte/flat sheen
  • Water-based polyurethane–polyurea crosslinking technology
  • 60% solids compared to traditional 10-25%
  • 12-month performance guarantee


healthcare facilities, schools, universities, churches, museums


State and federal buildings, historical and convention centers


stadiums, theatres, malls, restaurants, hospitality, cafeterias


Superstores, discount stores, shopping centers and department stores


labs, production areas and warehouses


airports, train and subway depots, bus stations

STANDARD KIT Coverage Rates (approximate)

GLOSS: Spray or T-bar/Back-roll = 250-400 Sq. Ft.                    Rolling method = 150-250 Sq. Ft.
MATTE: Spray or T-bar/Back-roll = 350-600 Sq. Ft.                    Rolling method = NOT RECOMMENDED

CONTRACTOR KIT Coverage Rates (approximate)

GLOSS: Spray or T-bar/Back-roll = 500-800 Sq. Ft.                    Rolling method = 300-500 Sq. Ft.
MATTE: Spray or T-bar/Back-roll = 700-1200 Sq. Ft.                  Rolling method = NOT RECOMMENDED

BULK KIT Coverage Rates (approximate)

GLOSS: Spray or T-bar/Back-roll = 1500-2400 Sq. Ft.                Rolling method = 900-1500 Sq. Ft.
MATTE: Spray or T-bar/Back-roll = 2100-3600 Sq. Ft.                Rolling method = NOT RECOMMENDED

IMPACT Terrazzo Application

Mixing IMPACT Gloss

Mixing IMPACT Matte

UDT Grind & Seal Flyer
IMPACT for Terrazzo PDS
“IMPACT for Terrazzo allows me to focus on cleaning instead of constantly spending time and money maintaining our terrazzo floors throughout the year”
— Bob Zwilling – Director of Maintenance St. Cloud Christian School

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