Roller/T-bar Frames

NamePurchase Options
T-bar Frame – Heavy
12"-18" Wide boy Roller Frame
12"-18" Heavy Duty Adjustable Roller Frame
18" Big Ben Frame
Edge Roller Frames for 6.5" Rollers (12" & 25.5" handles)
Hot Dog Roller Frame for 6.5" rollers (14″ handle)
Extendable Pole

Roller/T-bar Covers

NamePurchase Options
3/8" Nap Wooster Rollers
3/8" Nap Pro Roller - 18" length
18" x 1/4" Epoxy Glide Roller
1/4” Nap Mohair Back-rollers
T-bar Refills
2″ Paint Brush
6" Foam Block Applicator

Removers/Strippers/Floor Cleaners

NamePurchase Options
UDT Urethane Remover
Ultra Deep Clean Concentrate – 1 Quart

Additives for EPIC & IMPACT

NamePurchase Options
Ultra Grip Additives
UDT Aggregate Additives

Personal Protection

NamePurchase Options
LTX-XL Polylatex Booties – Case 300-Qnty
Pyramex Safety Glasses

Preparation Tools

NamePurchase Options
24" Aluminum Microfiber Frame with Handle
Microfiber Mop Pad - 24″ Blue
24" Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads (20)
Chemical Resistant Tape 2″ X 60 yd. 1-roll

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