UDT MP Epoxy - Clear

Multi-Purpose, Versatile, Clear Epoxy

If you are searching for an extremely hard, clear & glossy epoxy coating to fill multiple needs at once, UDT MP Epoxy is your answer.

UDT MP Epoxy is a multi-purpose, two-component, UV-stable, 100% solids epoxy that is successfully used as a “body-coat” and “grout-coat” for chip-flake, aggregate broadcast, and metallic systems.

UDT MP Epoxy is also frequently used as a thin-film concrete primer that “evens out” existing rough or etched concrete.  Many contractors proceed to top-coat the MP Epoxy with UltraMax high-solids urethane, UltraSpartic polyaspartic/polyurea, or IMPACT water-based urethane for additional protection.  Contact UDT and a representative will assist with selecting the proper system and topcoat for your needs.

Unique Advantages
  • Economical
  • UV Stable
  • Extreme Clarity
  • Very Hard and Durable
  • Low viscosity / Self-leveling
  • Compatible with Metallic systems
Proven Industries


Stadiums, restaurants, kitchens, restrooms


Corridors, loading docks, parking garages


Armed force bases, airport hangers, warehouses


Garages and decorative floors