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EPIC Insights - January 2022

January 2022 Newsletter
EPIC Insights
January, 2022
UDT Online Training
Receive Training and Earn Certification as an EPIC Installer
The 10-course series can be viewed and completed on a computer or on browser-capable mobile devices.

Virtual Training can be used as:
  • Refresher courses for existing customers
  • New training for your new hires
  • Introductions for new or potential EPIC contractors
From floor prep and mixing to application procedures and UDT recommendations, our 10 courses provide:
  • Step-by-step video with text instructions

  • Short quizzes

  • Supply lists

  • The ability to revisit any of the above resources afterward at any time. 

  • Certification that you have completed the series and are now a Certified EPIC Installer!
Pro Tip of the Month
Floor Prep and Hand Sanitizer
When preparing floors for EPIC, it is essential to pay special attention to areas underneath and around hand sanitizer stations. Dripping and pooling hand sanitizer severely damages acrylic wax. However, if the floors are properly prepared, EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is completely hand sanitizer resistant!

It is extremely important to completely strip off every bit of wax before applying EPIC. An easy way to ensure the wax is gone (or the existing EPIC is properly prepared for a recoat) is to use a new sanding screen in these critical areas. Not only will this ensure proper adhesion, but the EPIC finish will provide excellent resistance against the destructive chemicals in hand sanitizer. It’s a small adjustment with no extra cost that will help ensure EPIC performs its best.
Project Spotlight: A Barn With a Mission
UDT would like to extend a special shout out to Lars Anderson from Concrete Treatments, Inc. and our own Bryce Sunsdahl who joined our company president, Travis Negaard, as volunteers this past month to prep and seal the kitchen floor of the STMA Breakfast Club facility in Saint Michael, Minnesota. With “Feeding our bellies, feeding our souls” as their motto, Breakfast Club provides almost 500 St, Michael- Albertville High School students with a homecooked breakfast and a prayer service once per month. As the building, a gorgeous beam-style barn, nears its completion, Ultra Durable Technologies has committed to donate their time and resources to beautify the entire barn’s new interior concrete floor with IMPACT for Concrete.

Cool Tools!!

Extendable Paint Pole

This one-step extendable paint pole extends up to 61” and collapses down to 29”, which allows it to fit nicely into our customized EPIC toolboxes. The molded grip and comfortable foam handle provide lasting comfort while the universal threaded tip is compatible with all of our roller frames and T-bar frames.
Quote of the Month
If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.
– Michael Jordan

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