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Your customers expect and deserve the best!

Well maintained warehouses, restroom and sales floor makes a big IMPACT on your customers first impression and sends an EPIC®message about your commitment to the customer experience as well as the safety of your customers. All having a direct effect on your bottom line.

Consistent Impression

If you are running a business, then your floors are going to get dirty. The difference is in how often and how much labor is needed to maintain your floors and keep them looking EPIC®!

Traditional acrylic and varnish floor finishes will begin to lose their shine and show wear in a few days… so you begin the process of planning your next refinish again within 2-3 months – cleaning, stripping, buffing and refinishing your floors. “STOP THE MADNESS” with Ultra Durable Technologies coatings. Our EPIC® and IMPACT coatings offer a one coat urethane, water based alternative to traditional acrylic floor finishes. You can maintain that great look for 5 times longer.

Less Downtime and Expense

Our coating technologies can be walked on in as little as 4 hours (depending on drying time option). Our coatings will free up your time and saving you up to 60% on your annual floor maintenance spend. Over time that is thousands of dollars in time and wasted money.


Stripping and buffing affects indoor air quality by sending small particulates into the air and will eventually land on your merchandise. Just to be brushed off and put back into the air. This old environmentally toxic process sends multiple coats of acrylic or varnish floor finish and stripper down the drain on a regular basis, taking a toll on our environment.

Ultra Durable Technologies coatings are the responsible choice for your floor finish. Our products contain very low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are water soluble, are biodegradable and require no buffing, making them safe for you, your customers and the environment.

Call our Retail & Commercial expert and and let your floors IMPACT your bottom line savings. Contact UDT to discover how Ultra Durable Technologies’ can help your facility.

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“More than 1/3 of customers have left a business because the restrooms smelled like urine.”
– Clorox Professional Products Company and Opinion Research Corporation (March 2013). Restroom Pet Peeves Omnibus Survey
“UDT’s EPIC® urethane has withstood all the foot traffic, as well as the various chemical agents that we commonly encounter in the automotive parts business…”
– Stuart Beaman, Manager of Kinston Auto Parts