26″ Easy Squeegee Frame


26″ Easy Squeegee Frame with Threaded Handle Adapter

Use with:
Extendable Pole

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The Easy Squeegee provides industry-leading precision, predictability, and versatility when compared
to competitive products. The self-locating & self-leveling blades ensure your blade is straight, level and
in perfect contact with the floor every time.
The unique engineered blades provide a level of versatility and job site application options not
currently available from any competitive application squeegee tool today.
Cured Coatings Release technology ensures the frame is reusable regardless of the material (Epoxy
and Urethanes) you’re putting down, once cured the frame can be cleaned.

  • 26-inch frame, pre-assembled
  • Application blades sold separately
  • Includes 7 thumb screws
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Threaded handle adapter

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