Epoxy Patch Additive: 5-gallon


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UDT’s Epoxy Patch Additive creates less dust and airborne irritants than traditional fumed silica. Mix it into UDT high-solids material to create a concrete crack and hole patch that resists sagging.


Mix Epoxy Patch Additive into UDT pigmented epoxy products to create a concrete crack and hole patch. This will create a thicker product that resists sagging and sinking into existing holes and cracks in concrete.

Mix approximately 2 parts Epoxy Patch Additive into 3 parts mixed epoxy by volume. (5 gallons of Epoxy Patch Additive will yield 7.5 gallons of patch product)

Apply using a flat squeegee, hard trowel or putty knife. Allow to dry according to epoxy specifications and sand or grind off any ridges if necessary before top coating.