IMPACT for Concrete and Terrazzo

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IMPACT is a clear, water-based urethane sealer for concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone.  IMPACT may be applied directly to hard-troweled and polished surfaces.

IMPACT is available in high-gloss and matte sheens, and a semi-gloss appearance that can be achieved using Gloss with Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate Additives.

Simply dip and roll IMPACT using a rolling pan and a 3/8” nap woven roller.  Use the T-bar/back-roll method for increased coverage on terrazzo and recoats.

 New!! IMPACT MINI KIT is a perfect size for use in demos/sales calls, and small projects (see coverage info. below).

Packaging and Coverage:  3 components = Parts A, B, C plus A1 drying additive (4HR or 8HR)  


Standard Kit:  (approximately 1/2 gallon)
T-bar/Back-roll = 250-400 Sq. Ft.
Rolling method = 150-250 Sq. Ft.

Contractor Kit:  (approximately 1 gallon)
T-bar/Back-roll = 500-800 Sq. Ft.
Rolling method = 300-500 Sq. Ft.

Bulk Kit: (approximately 3 gallons)
T-bar/Back-roll = 2,100-2,800 Sq. Ft.
Rolling method = 1,050-1,750 Sq. Ft.

Mini Kit:      approx. 1 pint
T-bar/Back-roll = 50 – 80 Sq. Ft.
Rolling method = 30 – 60 Sq. Ft.


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