Tile Pro Acid – 1 Gallon (case of 4)


Case of 4

Tile Pro Acid, the innovative replacement for Ultra Deep Clean, designed to revitalize grout and tile surfaces effectively.

Tile Pro Acid serves as a valuable tool for preparing grouted surfaces for UDT Grout Colorant and subsequent EPIC coating applications, ensuring excellent bond strength. Tile Pro Acid is designed to eliminate deeply embedded dirt and stains from grout, tiles, and certain non-calcium stone surfaces that have endured years of neglect. Also, Tile Pro Acid removes hard water deposits, stubborn soap scum, and unsightly efflorescence from grout lines.

Elevate your cleaning regimen with Tile Pro Acid, the ultimate solution for revitalizing tile and grout surfaces. UDT recommends treating floors with Tile Pro Alkaline (prior to using Tile Pro Acid) to emulsify, suspend, and eliminate contaminants, soil, and grime, along with animal, vegetable, and petroleum oils.

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