Turbo Patch


Turbo Patch: 2 gallon kit

Ultra-Fast drying polyurea concrete patch material

Simple 1:1 mixing ratio by volume

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Turbo Patch is an ultra-fast drying, 100% solids, solvent-free, VOC compliant, 2-component, high-strength polyurea patching material.

Turbo Patch is formulated to dry quickly for grinding withing 15 minutes after application.

Turbo Patch has a very low viscosity which allows for deep penetration into the concrete substrate for superior adhesion.

Turbo Patch is designed for repairing concrete spalls and rebuilding non-moving joints and cracks either as a finished product or prior to applying a UDT floor coating system.

IMPORTANT – Mix only the quantity of product that can be used in 90 seconds. Pour Part A into mixing container. Pour an equal amount of Part B into mixing container and stir on low speed with a drill mixing blade or by hand with a stir stick for 20-30 seconds. Immediately pour all mixed material directly to the crack or joint to be repaired. Use a flat trowel to quickly smooth out the surface being repaired.

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