UDT Advanced Onsite Training

Advanced EPIC® & IMPACT Certified On-Site Training.
Please contact your UDT Representative for opportunities.


EPIC® & IMPACT Advanced Training Includes:

Advanced training for one company includes:
On-Site Sales Training
• Sales materials including samples and brochures
• Prospecting for the right opportunities
• Bidding projects accurately
• Actual field sales calls with your sales team

On-Site Technical Training
• EPIC® preparation, application and re-application – VCT, Vinyl
• EPIC® Tile & Grout System – Full Tile & Grout Restoration procedures
• Recognizing floor types and providing accurate installation procedures
• Actual in-field preparation and application scheduled by the trainee

Additional Resources:
EPIC® Toolbox
Job Costing / Bidding Calculator
Sales materials and EPIC finished samples



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