Ultra Grip Additives


Conveniently pre-measured grit additives designed to stay suspended longer in mixed EPIC and IMPACT during the application process compared to UDT Abrasion Resistance Additive

Standard Kits – Add 1 bag, Contractor Kits – Add 2 bags



Add Ultra Grip into EPIC or IMPACT to increase traction and abrasion resistance.

Ultra Fine – Add to matte only (EPIC or IMPACT) to ensure a consistent matte sheen and simultaneously increase hardness.

Fine – Easy to clean, yields low gloss, T-bar / Back-roll application method recommended (.55 DCOF wet / BOT -3000)

Medium – Still easy to clean, yields semi-gloss, T-bar / Back-roll or Roll / Back-roll application methods recommended (.54 DCOF wet / BOT -3000)

Coarse – Not as easy to clean (may require occasional brush), retains gloss, Roll / Back-roll application method recommended (.70 DCOF wet / BOT -3000)

Packaged in bags to eliminate measuring in the field.
Standard Kit = 1 bag
Contractor Kit = 2 bag

Ultra Fine = 75 grams
Fine = 80 grams
Medium = 40 grams
Coarse = 160 grams

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1 bag – Ultra Fine, 1 bag – Fine, 1 bag – Medium, 1 bag – Coarse


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