Ultra HTS High-Solids Urethane


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Ultra HTS is a clear, high-solids, 100% aliphatic urethane formulated to provide extreme chemical resistance and durability as a topcoat for any new or existing flooring system.


1.5 Gallon Kit:  Part A (1 gal. can) + Part B (1 qt. can) + Part C (1 qt. can)

Optional – UltraColor Pigment Pack: 1 pint

Optional – UDT Aggregate #120 for added traction: 1 pint

Demo Kit:  Part A (1 pt. can) + Part B (½ pt. can) + Part C (½ pt. bag) 

Optional – UltraColor Pigment Pack: measure 2 fl. oz.

Optional – UDT Aggregate #120 for added traction: measure 1.5 fl. oz.


1.5 Gallon Kit:  650-750 SF

Demo Kit:  50-75 SF

Customer Quotes

“It was great to be able to put spiked shoes on and back-roll it to level it out”
— Mike Sherstad, Clear Conscience Sealants