Here are just a few quotes from our satisfied customers:

“I would recommend IMPACT to any business that desires an easy to clean floor that is not slippery and lasts a very long time”
-Eric Lindberg, Plant Manager
The Barrel Mill
Avon, MN

“There is no need for regular stripping and buffing which has enabled us to reduce costs”
-Scott R. Rubin, Sr. Portfolio Mgr
Plaza Companies
Scottsdale, AZ

“We save $100,000 a year in labor cost alone by eliminating the floor-care in-house project team.”
-Mark Jupiter
Providence Hospital (Parent Company)
Swedish Hospitals, Seattle, WA

“After two Years the floors still look great, money well spent!”
-City of Sea Tac
Facilities Manager

“Our associates thought we had installed new tile and grout. It has given the restrooms and more clean and
sanitary overall appearance!” 
-John Gip Johnston, III
Senior Manager, Corporate Facilities
The Home Depot

“I have found no better sealer to protect high performance concrete than I-Tech 50. It is easy to apply, fast cure time, and looks fantastic. This product is a game changer for concrete counter tops”
-Chad Guthmiller
Artisan Concrete Concepts