Tile & Grout: The Art of Ultra Deep Cleaning & Maintenance

The Problem with Porous Grout

Enter a public restroom and take a good look at the grout. Is it dark gray and dirty? Maybe it started out that color, but very often this is not the case! Look at the area in front of the sink.  Now, take a good look at the grout lines under the sink or on the cove base. Are they the same color? Grout is extremely porous, and it is essentially a sponge for urine, dirt and other debris that it encounters. Because regular cleaning and mopping will not extract these substances from grout, extra measures must be taken in order to prevent health hazards.

Left untreated, this foul mixture creates offensive odors that linger in the air and dark stains that keep floors looking dirty. Tile & Grout bathroom
Ultra Durable Technologies’ (UDT’s) 3 step Tile and Grout Cleaning System:

1. Clean, 2. Color and 3. Coat

Step 1: CLEAN with Ultra Deep Clean!

Ultra Deep Clean is a unique, high-performance, low-pH organic salt solution cleaning technology designed to aggressively attack dirt and stains without damaging tiles or fixture surfaces. Ultra Deep Clean is a professional-grade restorative cleaner and descaler for tile, grout, stone, and even concrete.

Ultra Deep Clean ULTRA Deep Clean safely and efficiently lifts stains and contaminants from deep within grout, concrete and other porous surfaces. This unique, high-performance technology is a low-pH organic salt solution designed to aggressively attack stains without damaging or etching tile or fixture surfaces. It removes embedded and hardened contamination in preparation for UDT Grout Colorant and a thin coat of EPIC® High Performance Finish.

Step 2: COLOR using UDT Grout Colorant!

After a thorough cleaning, your tiles and grout may still need some TLC. Over time, tile floors in areas with high foot traffic can lose the brilliance and intensity of their original color, leaving them with a dull and worn-out appearance. UDT Grout Colorant offers an efficient process for recoloring your grout for a fresh, new look. Your UDT Grout Colorant will also keep your grout looking natural, unlike lower-quality products that result in a heavy, plastic-looking layer.

Step 3: COAT using EPIC High Performance Floor Finish!

After an Ultra Deep Clean and a fresh coat of color, the last thing you want for your floors is a lack of protection. We recommend a thin coat of our EPIC High Performance Floor Finish to transform your tiles and grout by sealing it into a seamless surface. This will prevent the grout pores from collecting dirt or bacteria, leaving you with great-looking, easy-to-clean floors. EPIC is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte sheens.

How Long will my New Floor Last?

Depending on the daily maintenance practices utilized, you should expect EPIC floors to last a minimum of 3 years in a high-traffic commercial environment. Once it is time for a refresher, simply clean, abrade and apply a fresh coat of EPIC.

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