Tile and Grout Cleaner for Restrooms, Bathrooms and Showers

Ultra Deep Clean is a cleaner for the bathroom and showerTile and grout cleaner for restrooms, bathrooms and showers must be powerful and effective. It must be able to clean open the pores of the existing grout and lift soil and contamination that cause odor in grouting used between bathroom tiles. At the same time, it should also clean the tiles themselves. Because bathrooms are high-traffic spaces where humidity levels and temperatures are often elevated, they are particularly subject to contamination by bacteria and molds. It is important that any bathroom grout cleaner or floor cleaner to do the job you expect of it.

How can you prevent the recurrence of this problem of deeply embedded and compacted soil? Bathroom floor cleaners also must offer a great deal of protection after the initial cleaning.  ULTRA Deep Clean grout and tile cleaner and EPIC High-Performance Sealer are ideal for these particularly tough-to-clean areas.  The spaces may be public restrooms with several stalls and toilets, or perhaps they also include any combination of bathtubs, showers, and counters.

Restore the Grout and Sanitize the Floors

Tiled floors can make restrooms appear unhygienic when grout becomes discolored.  They are contaminated not only by the general dirt, fecal matter and mold spores found in almost all bathrooms and toilets but also by dirty shoes and boots. Footwear can bring in all sorts of contaminants and germs, the latter of which tend to proliferate in the moist and warm conditions found in most bathrooms. That contamination is then tracked throughout your facility. The only way to overcome this is to clean the grout and sanitize the entire floor.

There are many bathroom grout cleaners available, and Ultra Deep Clean is head and shoulders above the others as an effective bathroom grout cleaner and sanitizer as it gets right to the source of the problem. It penetrates deep into the absorbent grout structure and cleanses thoroughly, removing grime, molds, and mildew, and bacteria by opening the pores of the existing grout and lifting soil and contamination. Afterwards, UDT’s Grout Colorant, available in a selection of 12 colors, may be used to penetrate existing grout lines to quickly rejuvenate and recolor the grout and look like new again.

No More Odors!

Although bathrooms can seem clean because they look clean, unpleasant smells typically cannot be completely eradicated. There are dozens of products that mask, but not solve, the odor problem and used as a “fix”. Now, however, there is a real way to eliminate, not mask odors. After cleaning and sanitizing with Ultra Deep Clean, the last step is to use EPIC Tile and Grout Sealer, the best product to completely preserve the clean, beautiful floors and protect them from creating more of a problem in the future.

Seal the Floors

One coat of EPIC Tile and Grout Sealer  protects the surface from any subsequent accumulation of dirt, mold, and bacteria growth. The sealer provides a single, monolithic membrane to seal the tile and grout completely. This membrane eliminates odors from being trapped in the tile and grout and makes routine cleaning easier than ever.

Again, What Is the Best Tile and Grout Cleaner and Sealer?

ULTRA Deep Clean Tile and Grout CleanerIn today’s market, the best way to clean and restore tile and grout floors with Ultra Deep Clean and EPIC Tile and Grout Sealer. They offer many advantages over what the alternatives can provide, including:

• They both have a low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – in fact, they are water-based and can be thinned and cleaned up with water when spilled.
• The tile and grout cleaner offers a deep and lasting clean result that will make your bathroom tiles look almost like new.
• The EPIC Tile and Grout Sealer cures to a water-resistant film that keeps your bathroom sparkling and easy to keep clean. irrespective of its hard use.
• EPIC Tile & Grout Sealer can be customized with our grit additives to enhance slip resistance in locations that are occasionally wet.

When used together, Ultra Deep Clean and EPIC Tile and Grout Sealer provide a solution that cannot be beaten by providing a impenetrable surface that will help your bathroom tile and grout look the best it can for years to come.