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On the Way to Better Floors

First Impressions Really Do Matter

Have you ever arrived at an airport or bus station that made you want to cringe? Did you consequently lower your expectations for the city you landed in?

The flooring for transportation centers is extremely important when it comes to establishing a good impression on travelers. The state of a transportation center as a whole says a lot to people about the destination city, whether or not it is an accurate representation.  Because flooring is the foundation of any space, it makes sense that the flooring’s condition has a heavy influence on whether or not a space is considered clean.

Airport concourses, bus garages, baggage claims, and ticketing areas are typically some of the busiest places on earth. Millions of travelers drag suitcases across the floors of these spaces 24/7, and this has a detrimental effect on the appearance and quality of the floor’s surface. When weather conditions are poor, the impact of foot and luggage traffic is amplified. This is due to outdoor elements such as water, dirt, and road salt getting tracked into the facility when it rains or snows.


Airports are essentially becoming miniature cities with their own restaurants, shopping centers, spas, and more. Modern tourists are spending more time at these transportation centers than ever before, which evokes the opportunity to offer more revenue-generating amenities. Whether a traveler is enjoying shopping before a flight or an attendant is grabbing a coffee during a layover, the properly chosen floor coating system will create a clean and welcoming environment for these municipal-like experiences.

A jet on an epoxy hangar floor
A beautiful floor protected by transportation floor coatings
Beautiful Union Station protected by UDT


Ultra Durable Technologies offers commercial transportation floor coating systems that minimize scratching and wear patterns associated with high-traffic situations. UDT floor coatings also dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance procedures. Your staff and passengers won’t be inconvenienced because the application process of UDT coatings is quick and can be done in small batches. Additionally, the dry time is cut down to just 4 hours for some of our most popular formulas!

Rather than coating your floors with traditional acrylic wax, opt for UDT’s urethane floor sealers. Unlike acrylic, UDT’s coatings do not require buffing—that’s right, NO BUFFING—and our water-based urethanes only require a recoat every 3-5 years! Routine cleaning also becomes simplified with the only necessary components being water, aqueous ozone, and/or ionized water, and an auto scrubber or microfiber mop.

The result of minimized routine and long-term maintenance is a significant decrease in the energy, time, and money that is put into keeping your floors flawless and Ultra Durable.


Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, and bacteria are forced into the air and breathed by janitors, travelers, attendants, and whoever else walks through the vicinity. These airborne contaminants pose a health threat, especially during flu season. Your facility becomes more susceptible to illnesses that spread through the air because the contagion is being stirred off the floors and back into the air of frequently occupied spaces.


Transportation center floors must provide grip for travelers and their luggage to make it safely through the system despite the debris that gets tracked in during on-and offboarding. Slippery floors pose a safety hazard on any floor, but slippery floors in transportation centers are especially dangerous.

When people are running late for a flight or need to get from one subway train to another, they are paying less attention to their surroundings and are most likely moving at a faster pace than usual. This is a classic combination that results in slips, trips, falls, and even injuries. To reduce slip risks while still giving floors an attractive appearance, combine UDT coatings with one of our Ultra Grips or Aggregate Additives! Mixing in Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate results in a surface that has traction, strength, and beauty. Choose from an array of grit levels to achieve the desired resistance and degree of light reflection (the finer the particles, the less shine you will see in the final product). Ultra Grip is available in Ultra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Coarse grits and UDT Aggregates are available in #240, and #120 grits.


One of the most common floor types used in airports is Terrazzo. It is usually polished and waxed with acrylic, which, in some cases, can actually cause slip hazards. IMPACT, UDT’s clear urethane sealer for polished concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone flooring, has an impressive track record on terrazzo floors located in extremely high-traffic. IMPACT offers a consistent shine, long-lasting stain protection (even from acids), and incredible resistance to abrasion from luggage and extreme foot traffic. For extra traction and safety, consider adding Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate to the mix!

Transportation floor coating protecting a ticketing area floor
Even under heavy foot traffic this shine will last
Baggage claim can definitley use transportation floor coatings
Baggage claim looks great with UDT products


Luggage and foot traffic takes a toll on every square inch of space within a transportation center. Therefore, it matters immensely what kind of floor sealer is used to keep these surfaces intact. Below are examples of spaces within transportation centers that could benefit from the use of UDT coatings.

  • Ticketing areas
  • Baggage claim
  • Entrances
  • Lobbies
  • Hangars
  • Restrooms
  • Dining Areas

From the hangar to baggage claim, UDT has a solution to enhance, protect, and beautify every surface any transportation center has to offer. Each of our high-performance floor coating systems provides:

  • Long-lasting, durable finish
  • No-slip / traction enhancement
  • Easy-to-clean floors
  • Chemical resistance


Listed below are some of UDT’s most common products and systems, specified for each different surface you might encounter within the transportation industry. For more information, feel free to visit our website, send an email to, and/or call 320-258-2266. Our team of experts is ready and available to help you with all your floor coating needs!

Lobbies, Terminals, Ticketing Areas, & Baggage Claim

IMPACT® – For concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone flooring

EPIC® High-Performance Floor Finish – For LVT, vinyl, linoleum, and VCT

EPIC® Tile and Grout – For grouted surfaces in entrances, bathrooms, and dining areas

Ultra HTS – For concrete (for added chemical and stain resistance)

Ultra Grip and Abrasion Additives – Increase SCOF and DCOF in wet or slip-prone areas while improving abrasion resistance

Dining Areas:

EPIC® High-Performance Floor Finish – For LVT, vinyl, linoleum, and VCT

EPIC® Tile and Grout – For grouted surfaces

IMPACT® – Clear, protective coating that bonds direct to concrete & terrazzo

Ultra HTS Grind, Prime & Seal – Clear or solid-colored protective coating for grinded concrete

Ultra HTS Grind, Dye, & Seal – Dye your natural concrete and protect it with Ultra HTS

UDT Metallic Pigments – Turn a floor into a vivid, liquid work of art

EPIC Tile & Grout PDS
IMPACT for Terrazzo PDS
IMPACT for Concrete PDS
Metallic Pigment TDS