Fast Drying, Fast Curing, Durable Topcoat

Formulated exclusively by UDT, UltraSpartic utilizes the latest in polyaspartic technology making it user-friendly and forgiving without the need for solvent reduction.

UltraSpartic is a unique, high-solids, low-VOC, low-odor, fast-curing, high-gloss urea coating. This extremely UV-stable floor coating is ideal for top-coating epoxy, chip-flake and aggregate systems in abusive environments such as garages, warehouses, and production areas.

Unique Advantages
  • Dries for light foot traffic in 2 hours
  • Return to service in 24 hours
  • Low VOC (50 state compliant)
  • Excellent UV stability
  • Superb abrasion and wear resistance
  • Good leveling properties without the need to reduce
  • Will not blush or haze at higher film thickness (15 mils)
Proven Industries

Developed for interior concrete flooring; various seamless chip/quartz systems and stained or dyed floors.


Stadiums, restaurants, kitchens, restrooms


Corridors, loading docks, parking garages


Armed force bases, airport hangers, warehouses


Garages and decorative floors

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