Ultra HTS


High-Solids, High-Strength Urethane Topcoat

Are you looking for an extremely durable and low-odor protective urethane topcoat that is also simple to apply? If so, Ultra HTS is the answer!

Ultra HTS is a clear or pigmented, high-solids, 100% aliphatic urethane topcoat formulated to provide extreme chemical resistance, UV resistance, and durability for any new or existing flooring system.

1.5-gallon kits include a Part C that increases traction and yields a satin/semi-gloss sheen. 

1.25-gallon kits have an extremely high gloss.

Whether it’s a water-based or high-solids urethane you’re looking for, UDT has you covered. Click here to compare Ultra HTS to Impact to see which fits your needs the best.


The following Ultra HTS grind and seal programs are simple, cost-effective, and minimize ongoing floor maintenance requirements. One thin coat of Ultra HTS over a primed surface provides extreme durability and protection in a topcoat without any buffing or frequent recoating.


UltraColor HTS_Color Chart

Ultra HTS Coverage Rate

1.5 Gallon Kit: 650-750 Sq. Ft.
Demo Kit: 50-75 Sq. Ft.

Shelf Life
12 months unopened when stored at room temperature (59-77°F, 15-25°C)
Unique Advantages
  • Clear or pigmented with UltraColor Pigment Packs
  • High-gloss (A&B only) or Semi-gloss w/UDT Aggregate traction & abrasion additive
  • Low odor and low VOC (50 state compliant)
  • User-friendly application process
  • Non-yellowing, UV stable 100% aliphatic urethane
  • Provides extreme chemical, tire, and stain resistance
  • Absolutely NO diamond pads and NO burnishing
Proven Industries

Industrial: Manufacturing, Production, Warehousing
Transit: Airports, Hangars, Bus/Train Stations
Commercial: Retail, Restaurants, Showrooms
Entertainment: Arenas, Convention Centers, Gaming
Residential: Garages, Decorative, Patios
Government: Military Bases, Stations, Prisons


1.5 Gallon Kit:  Part A (1 gal. can) + Part B (1 qt. can) + Part C (1 qt. can)

1.25 Gallon Kit:  Part A (1 gal. can) + Part B (1 qt. can)

Demo Kit:  Part A (1 pt. can) + Part B (½ pt. can) + Part C (½ pt. bag) 

Optional – UltraColor HTS Pigment Packs

Optional – UDT Aggregate #120 for added traction

STMA Breakfast Club HTS

Ultra HTS Data Sheets

Access all Ultra HTS Data Sheets (SDS, TDS, & PDS).