EPIC Benefits:



EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish creates

Beauty, the epic way

EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish offers the ultimate rejuvenation and protection for every type of flooring. Available in gloss and matte sheens, EPIC provides a soft and sophisticated look or an impeccable, long-lasting shine. If a semi-gloss sheen is desired, this can be achieved by mixing EPIC with UDT wear additives before application. 


LVT brown

“EPIC really works! Since we started applying EPIC in our hospital, HCAHPS scores increased because our floors continue to stay clean and shiny. Customers really notice and appreciate that. Thank you, EPIC!”

– Jonathan Verbus, the Director of Suburban Hospital in Maryland for Crothall Healthcare


EPIC’s "epic" sheen does not diminish over time like that of acrylic waxes. Rather than requiring buffing or burnishing to look like the day it was first applied, EPIC is formulated to keep its luster and resist scratches and scuffs that would otherwise result in a dull appearance. Its chemical resistance also prevents wear-through from harsh disinfectants and sanitizers, meaning EPIC stays looking great with a consistent sheen even in abusive environments such as schools or hospitals.

A shiny floor is perceived as a clean floor, and cleanliness is often associated with quality. While EPIC floors make cleaning quick and hassle-free, they also provide the desired level of shine that lets people know a high level of care has been taken to ensure the space is well maintained. Besides, no one wants to spend hours on floor maintenance only to be left with less-than-impressive results within a few months. With a coat of EPIC that also protects and provides a seamless barrier, a little cleaning goes a long way.


Because EPIC is formulated with extreme UV resistance, EPIC goes on clear and stays clear. Unlike traditional acrylic finishes,  EPIC's unique water-based urethane formula does not yellow or become discolored from exposure to sunlight or fluorescent lighting.

EPIC effectively restores floors so well that it is not uncommon for owners and managers to think a contractor has replaced a floor instead of coating it with EPIC. The resulting surface looks better than the flooring did when it was initially installed. EPIC is THAT good!

EPIC terrazzo fire station

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