Something They Don’t Teach You in School: How to Make Floors Safe and Sustainable

Within the realm of Education, the need to stretch budget dollars is recognized as a top priority. Fortunately, Ultra Durable Technologies provides a cost- and labor-saving alternative to traditional acrylic finishes for gymnasiums, hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms, classrooms, and almost any other hard surface within the facilities of K-12, universities, daycare centers, and religious organizations. Here at UDT,… Read more »

Tile and Grout Cleaning

And Restoration with UDT EPIC Tile and Grout System Tile and Grout Cleaning is essential if you have tiled walls and/or floors in your business – or even in your home. Dirty grout is offensive, smells bad, makes your restroom, shower area or kitchen look dirty and unhygienic and is a definite health hazard. ULTRA… Read more »

Bathroom Odor

Bathroom Odor, Bad for your Nose… Bad for Business. As a commercial business owner, you take pride in your business and the success you are experiencing. But there may be one area you wish you could improve… The bathroom odor! Why does my bathroom smell? You know it’s there, your customers know it’s there. You… Read more »