Epoxy patch Additive


Patch and Fill Concrete Cracks and Holes with Ease

UDT Patch Additive contains zero silica and is formulated to release a minimal amount of dust into the air during the mixing process. This is important because occupational exposure to crystalline silica dust may be associated with an increased risk for pulmonary diseases such as silicosis, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer.


Mixing Instructions:

Determine how much UDT Epoxy Patch Additive (Patch) to mix prepare based on the type of patching needed. Fill a measuring cup with the desired amount of Patch. Do not pack the patch material down when measuring.

For larger holes and expansion joints, mix at 2:3 ratio (Add 1 part Patch to 3 parts mixed MC-Epoxy). The result of this mixture will be a thick paste that largely resists sagging in large voids.

For shallow cracks and spalls, mix at 1:3 ratio (Add 2 parts Patch to 3 parts mixed MC-Epoxy). The result of this mixture will be a thin, glue-like paste.


Begin mixing the MC Epoxy at the normal ratio (2 Parts A to 1 Part B).

After mixing the epoxy for 1 minute, add the Patch Additive and continue mixing for an additional 2 minutes. It is recommended to mix only the amount of Patch material that can be applied within 5-10 minutes.

·        Thinner Patch (1:3 ratio) will be usable for approximately 10-15 minutes.

·        Thicker Patch (2:3 ratio) sets up faster and will be usable for approximately 5-10 minutes.


Immediately begin applying Patch to the floor with a flat, metal trowel or putty knife.  Pour or push the Patch material into holes and then scrape excess material from the surface.  Allow Patch to dry thoroughly before grinding or sanding.  If sanding or grinding is not needed, proceed to mixing and applying subsequent coating(s). 

Do not add the following information until dry times are confirmed with chemistry dept.  

Dry time for sanding or grinding:  

Thinner Patch (1:3 ratio) will be ready to sand / grind in approximately ____ hours.   

Thicker Patch (2:3 ratio) will dry faster and will be ready to sand / grind in approximately ___ hours   

Can Patch be used with Polyaspartic (100, EXT, FAST)? 

Epoxy Patch Additive Data Sheets

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