Indoor Concrete Coatings

polished & sealed concrete


Concrete is no longer just for outdoor or garage applications. 

EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish for concrete floors provides a beautiful option for indoor settings. Just one coat of EPIC provides long-lasting shine and protection. Plus, say "goodbye" to polishing concrete, because one single coat lasts 3-5 years or more! Available in gloss or matte sheens. Care for your concrete today with EPIC!

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bank lobby sealed concrete floor
Concrete explained

Concrete floors have quickly emerged as one of the hottest trends in indoor flooring. To make concrete look like a viable, and sometimes luxury floor covering, colored or uncolored concrete is carefully poured over a well-leveled substrate and allowed to set for two or three days. Then, the floors are typically polished to a desired level with a planetary grinder and refined with a transitional hybrid tool. Finally, after floors have dried for about 7 days and concrete moisture content is below the required threshold, a sealer should be used to protect the floor from stains, chemical damage, and abrasion.

EPIC for concrete 3D diagram
No More Polishing and Grinding!

To keep concrete sealed, looking beautiful, and easy to clean, there is NO REASON TO KEEP GRINDING AND POLISHING! Like terrazzo, there is a far superior way to care for concrete, which is the application of a single layer of EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish. It lasts 3-5 years with no stripping, buffing, yellowing, AND it is environmentally sustainable. One simple scrub or grind followed by one easy coat of EPIC will yield a high shine (or matte, if desired) that compares to polishing. However, EPIC will be extremely more chemical resistant without the need for a “polish guard” that requires ongoing, continual maintenance like the use of acrylic waxes.