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At Ultra Durable Technologies, we manufacture coatings for pretty much every floor type—residential floors included! Contractors don’t need industrial or commercial projects in order to benefit from what UDT has to offer. Our sustainable floor coatings are suitable for residential garages, basements, and any other interior surface or living space. They are extremely durable and sanitary, as they lock out dirt and germs and resist all forms of abrasion for years. By providing a continuous sheen, maintaining durability in high-traffic environments, improving indoor air quality (IAQ), and preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses, UDT is protecting homes across the country.


Residential garages endure the weight of parked cars, the heat of tires, the extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the year, and a tremendous amount of abrasion from salt, sand, dirt, shovels, brooms, bicycles, lawnmowers… the list goes on and on. For these reasons, UDT knows how important it is for garage floors to be given a durable and seamless surface.

UDT CHIP FLAKES - Most popular and functional garage floor system

Orbit - Chip Flakes
Gravel - Chip Flakes
Madras - Chip Flakes
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Chip flakes have become a very popular choice for garage floors. UDT Chip Flake systems are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and mixtures.  Choose between standard color mixtures (tans and grays) or something more original like fluorescent, glow in the dark, a new variegated or terrazzo variety, or even glitter flakes, glitter powder, or Mica flakes!  In addition to these vast and exciting visual options, chip flakes provide increased traction in wet environments. Their patterns and textures can even help mask imperfections in concrete flooring!

UDT Light Flake System
Ultra HTS Full Flake System
Full Flake System

DECORATIVE QUARTZ GRANULES - Industrial durability yet functional

Davenport - Quartz
Tundra - Quartz
Eclipse - Quartz
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For additional longevity and durability, quartz granules can be broadcasted into certain UDT coatings. Quartz systems have become increasingly popular for garage floors due to the moisture and other environmental elements that can interfere with less-insulated spaces. Quartz systems ensure a significant level of traction in any condition while also strengthening the surface for even-longer-term protection.

UDT manufactures epoxy (MC Epoxy Standard & Fast Cure, Cold Cure Epoxy, & MC-UV Epoxy), UltraSpartic (85, 95, & 100% solids), and urethane (Ultra HTS) garage floor coatings that are extremely popular due to their durability and user-friendliness. UDT also produces a proprietary line of UltraSpartic products that are used in fast-turn-around situations such as the increasingly popular “1-day floor” systems.  Regardless of your situation, UDT Chip Flake systems have been proven to withstand the abuse associated with each of the 4 seasons right here in Minnesota.  Click here to see.

Decorative Quartz System

EASYCOVE - Seamless transition from floor to wall

Cove Corners
easycove 1" cove base
Various Easycove cove base
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Due to the indoor/outdoor nature of residential garages, it’s important for garage floors to be “seamless.

“Seamless flooring” simply refers to floors that are poured in place with no seams or joints. Integral cove bases are used to make a seamless and watertight transition between the wall and the floor.

Cove bases are traditionally applied by mixing a thickened epoxy with quartz/sand and hand-troweling the mixture around the perimeter of the room. This traditional cove installation requires skilled and experienced technicians. Regardless, uneven floors and walls, temperature constraints, and high labor costs cause many contractors to turn and walk away.

Acknowledging these challenges associated with manual cove base installations, UDT went on the search for a better way and found Easycove®.

Easycove is a highly-engineered cove base molding that provides numerous benefits over traditional hand-troweled systems. As the name implies, Easycove is very easy to install. Additionally, UDT coatings have been thoroughly tested to ensure a tenacious bond and maintain 100% of the product’s performance. And the best part? Easycove is available right here on our web store.


Like garage floors, basement floors can sometimes undergo fluctuations of temperature and environment as well as extra wear-and-tear, depending on the function of the space. Regardless of the function, however, all basement floors require durability and a seamless surface in order to reach their full potential and longest possible lifespan. UDT’s unique coating systems will bring out the natural beauty in your concrete!

UDT METALLICS - Brilliant, iridescent, three-dimensional effects

Proper Copper

UDT Metallics have become popular in indoor residential spaces, providing one-of-a-kind designs. The application of UDT Metallics often involves eye-catching colors and/or designs that are often a talking piece for the homeowner. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic combination or wanting to add some extra shine to a more neutral tone, UDT’s team of representatives wants to find your ideal metallic match!

IMPACT Clear Sealer for Concrete, Slate, and Natural Stone

IMPACT water-based urethane bonds directly to existing concrete and even polished concrete where improved stain resistance is needed. This clear system can also be applied over dyed concrete to enhance the hue and shine. No invasive grinding processes are required! IMPACT also provides for fast turn-around times (as fast as 4 hours!) and leaves no residual odor once dry!

IMPACT Concrete Sealer is one of UDT’s most common and popular products for residential settings. IMPACT creates a seamless surface and protects concrete, slate, and natural stone from staining and scuffing. Available in Gloss and Matte sheens, IMPACT can also be mixed with aggregate to yield a Semi-Gloss sheen that provides added traction and safety.

ULTRA HTS Clear or Pigmented Urethane Topcoat

Like garages, basements and other indoor living spaces have also become common areas for the application of Ultra HTS systems. The strength and scratch-resistance of Ultra HTS make it ideal for heavily-used residential floors. Aggregate #1 can also be mixed into Ultra HTS for these areas in order to achieve the desired sheen as well as the desired traction level. Ultra HTS’ extremely low level of odor and VOCs make it safe for use even in fully-insulated and frequently-used rooms. Ultra HTS does require grinding before application, but this allows for it to become extremely robust and chemical resistant.

See the IMPACT or Ultra HTS document to help you decide which sealer is best for you!

EPIC Clear Sealer for LVT & Other Wood-Like Vinyl Flooring

Available in gloss and matte, EPIC High-Performance Finish is being used more and more in kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces in the home for its restorative and rejuvenating qualities. Stop waxing your “no-wax” floors, and let EPIC do the trick! EPIC’s shine lasts 50 times longer than traditional acrylic waxes and leaves vinyl flooring looking like new, but better! This better-than-new look lasts for 5-10 years in residential settings, and recoating requires only scrubbing pads and another thin coat of EPIC. No stripping or buffing is ever needed! EPIC is also UV-stable and therefore does not succumb to yellowing or degrading from UV exposure. It goes on clear and stays clear to seal and protect your vinyl. Additionally, rather than requiring harsh chemicals for cleaning, EPIC maintains its appearance and can be sufficiently cleansed with water!

EPIC is also a very forgiving UDT product, making it easy to apply to even heavily-textured vinyl. Although it can be used for VCT and Linoleum floors as well, the most popular residential application for EPIC is currently LVT flooring. When your no-wax flooring begins to show signs of wear (it will eventually), don’t settle for a cheap, sacrificial finish that will wear off quickly. Choose EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish and enjoy years of maximum durability with minimum effort. Available in Gloss and Matte sheens, EPIC can be mixed with aggregate to yield a Semi-Gloss sheen that provides added traction and safety. To learn more about EPIC, check out UDT’s EPIC for LVT web page.


One of the biggest ongoing flooring maintenance issues is scratching, especially those caused by equipment and furniture. Scratches often occur when these heavy items are constantly moved back and forth across a floor surface.

Although UDT coatings can be trusted to prevent this kind of surface damage, we highly recommend going one step further by installing these industry-leading floor protectors.  Combining this extra level of protection with EPIC, IMPACT, or any other UDT coating will ensure the longest lifespan possible for your vinyl floors.


Listed below are some of the most common UDT products for residential spaces. For more info on a specific product or system, email or call 320-258-2266!





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MC Epoxy was developed to be UDT’s most versatile and economical, two-component, 100% solids, clear or pigmented epoxy coating for multiple interior applications. MC Epoxy is a low-viscosity carrier for UDT’s Metallic systems. Pigmenting MC Epoxy at the job site (using UltraColor pigment packs or UDT Metallics) makes ordering simple and provides inventory savings. The long open recoat window of MC Epoxy allows for multiple top-coat options, providing additional protection and abrasion resistance.


UDT MC Epoxy is frequently specified as a thin-film clear primer for UDT’s Grind & Clear Seal systems or a thin-film pigmented primer for UDT’s Grind & Color Seal systems. It can also be a “body coat” and/or “grout coat” for UDT’s Chip-Flake and Quartz broadcast systems, along with the option of being a stand-alone industrial epoxy system.

The Unique Advantages of MC Epoxy include the following:

  • Color with UltraColor Pigment or Metallics
  • Easy to use with extended pot-life
  • Low viscosity / great self-leveling
  • Long open recoat window
  • Low odor, No VOC
  • Economical

Cold Cure Epoxy

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Cold Cure Epoxy is a seasonally manufactured product that allows crews to keep working right through the coldest months of the year! Minnesota has some of the coldest recorded temperatures in the country. It’s not unusual to have snow on the ground in October and for the lakes to still be completely frozen in mid-May. The days are short, and the opportunities to coat concrete floors are even shorter.

Ultra Durable Technologies formulated Cold Cure Epoxy to allow contractors additional opportunities during these long, cold winters. Available in Silver Gray and Tumbleweed (tan), Cold Cure Epoxy is a pigmented, 100% solids epoxy coating that is formulated to fully cure (100%) in temperatures as low as 35° F and in film builds as high as 20 mils!

Cold Cure Epoxy is frequently used as a primer and body-coat within the UDT Chip Broadcast, UDT Quartz Broadcast, and UDT Industrial Colored Epoxy systems. To complete the UDT cold weather package, use Cold Cure Epoxy in conjunction with UltraSpartic 85 or 100.

In temperatures above 60°F, standard cure or fast cure epoxies are recommended.

The Unique Advantages of Cold Cure Epoxy include the following:

  • Cures hard down to 35°F
  • High-build
  • Economical
  • Extremely hard and impact resistant
  • Low viscosity with great wetting properties
  • Two-component, 2:1 mix ratio

MC-UV Epoxy

MC-UV Epoxy kit

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MC-UV Epoxy is a versatile, two-component, 100% solids, clear or pigmented epoxy coating for interior applications when color and clarity is important and where there is a high amount of UV-light exposure. MC-UV Epoxy is frequently specified as a thin-film clear primer for UDT’s Clear Grind, Prime & Seal systems, a “build coat” or “grout coat” for UDT’s Chip-Flake and UDT’s Quartz broadcast systems, a carrier for UDT’s Metallic systems, and a stand-alone industrial epoxy system.

Pigmenting MC-UV Epoxy at the job site (using UltraColor pigment packs or UDT Metallics) makes ordering simple and provides inventory savings. Chemical resistant on its own, the long open recoat window allows for multiple topcoat options to provide additional protection and abrasion resistance.

The Unique Advantages of MC-UV Epoxy include the following:

  • Higher UV Resistance
  • Color with UltraColor Pigment or Metallics
  • Easy to use & extended pot-life
  • Low odor
  • Low viscosity / great self-leveling
  • Long open recoat window


UltraSpartic 15 Gallon Kit
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UDT UltraSpartics are available in 85, 95, and 100% solids in order to meet our customers’ individual coating needs and expectations. They resist hot tire damage/staining and are extremely durable, chemical resistant, non-yellowing, and UV-stable. High builds will not haze or foam with any of the solid levels. UDT UltraSpartics are designed to allow for a faster turn-around if needed or desired. They are the most common coatings used with our epoxies for UDT Chip Flake and Quartz systems.

UltraSpartic 85, 95, and 100 can all be used as a primer, broadcast/body coat, or topcoat. All 3 formulas use a universal and interchangeable UltraSpartic® Part B. Each UltraSpartic coating is clear but can be pigmented with UltraColor pigment packs!

UltraSpartic 85 is known for its fast dry and return-to-service time. Multiple coats within a couple of hours make “US85” a popular choice.

  • Solids Level: 85%
  • Dry Time: 3 hours
  • Working Time: 12 minutes
  • Viscosity: Very low (100 cps)

UltraSpartic 95 has long working times and low viscosity to ensure a consistent finish. User-friendliness makes “US95” a fan favorite.

  • Solids Level: 95%
  • Dry Time: 12 hours
  • Working Time: 25 minutes
  • Viscosity: Low (550 cps)
    • (5% reduction = 175 cps)

UltraSpartic 100 is our most versatile of the bunch with a very low odor and viscosity that holds to vertical surfaces. Simply reduce and thin down “US100” to suit your desire.

  • Solids Level: 100%
  • Dry Time: 5 hours
  • Working Time: 15 minutes
  • Viscosity: Medium (850 cps)
    • (10% reduction = 180 cps)

*Dry times and working times are based on 75°F, 50% RH, 10 mils

Ultra HTS

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Residential garages will benefit from UDT’s high-solids aliphatic urethane topcoat called Ultra HTS. Ultra HTS is very hard and scratch-resistant on its own. When Aggregate #1 is mixed into Ultra HTS, the result is an extremely consistent natural /semi-gloss finish.  Ultra HTS can be colored with UltraColor Liquid Pigment Packs to achieve an opaque appearance. Ultra HTS is also one of the most scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant coatings ever produced!

Ultra HTS can withstand exposure to some of the most extreme chemicals including Skydrol and Hydrochloric acid. To top it all off, Ultra HTS has almost zero VOCs with an extremely low odor that doesn’t linger!

IMPACT for Concrete PDS
MC Epoxy PDS
UltraSpartic PDS
UltraSpartic PDS
MC Epoxy TDS
UltraSpartic 85 TDS
UltraSpartic 95 TDS
UltraSpartic 100 TDS
Cold Cure Epoxy TDS
Uv epoxy
Metallic Pigment TDS