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EPIC has your floors covered

Ultra Durable Technologies manufactures EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish for many floor types, residential floors included! EPIC is suitable for basements, kitchens, living rooms, and other indoor living spaces. In fact, it is being used more and more in homes for its restorative and rejuvenating qualities. It provides a continuous sheen on several floor types and maintains durability in high-traffic areas. EPIC is the go-to floor finish for residential applications across the country.

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EPIC is a water-based urethane finish that eliminates the need for tedious buffing, stripping, and waxing. Recoating is only needed every 3-5 years in high-traffic environments (about 5-10 years in residential settings) and dries in as little as 4 hours! EPIC significantly reduces the time, energy, and money needed for long-term maintenance of flooring, and it makes routine cleaning a breeze.

Rather than requiring harsh chemicals for upkeep, EPIC only requires water or another neutral cleaner and a microfiber mop! Surfaces finished with EPIC are also nonporous and seamless, so they can be easily wiped clean with sanitizer or disinfectant without degrading. EPIC’s nonporous barrier protects floors from bacterial and viral growth, so a little cleaning goes a long way. Because there is no need for stripping after application, EPIC even keeps chemical wax stripper out of our water supply.

“I used EPIC on a luxury vinyl tile floor in my house. Came out amazing. Beautiful gloss finish. Easy to use for a first timer. Customer service contacted me before I started and made sure that I was all set. Cannot recommend them and their products enough!"

– Scranton, PA

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One of the biggest ongoing flooring maintenance issues is scratching, especially damage caused by furniture. Scratches often occur when these heavy items are constantly moved back and forth across a floor surface.

Although EPIC prevents this kind of surface damage, UDT highly recommends going one step further by installing these industry-leading floor protectors. Combining this extra level of protection with EPIC’s extreme durability will ensure the longest lifespan possible for residential flooring.


Available in Gloss and Matte sheens, EPIC can also be mixed with Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate to yield a Semi-Gloss sheen that provides added traction and safety. When combined with these non-slip additives, EPIC meets ADA and OSHA DCOF non-slip traction recommendations, ensuring safety even when water or snow gets tracked in from outside.

EPIC also contains low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so it is safe for use even in heavily occupied spaces. Additionally, EPIC’s non-porous surface prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms and keeps air fresh and safe for breathing.

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EPIC brings out the natural beauty of vinyl, terrazzo, tile, and concrete floors and prolongs their lifespan. Unlike most floor coatings, EPIC bonds directly to existing concrete and polished concrete where improved stain resistance is needed. This one-coat clear finish leaves no residual odor once dry and protects every surface from scuffing, scratching, and even tire tracks.

EPIC is a very forgiving product, making it easy to apply to even heavily textured floors. EPIC is also UV-stable and therefore does not succumb to yellowing or degrading from UV exposure. When no-wax floors inevitably begin to show signs of wear, don’t settle for a cheap, sacrificial finish that will wear off quickly. Choosing EPIC allows homeowners to enjoy years of maximized durability with minimal effort!

“I am an individual homeowner and sealed the floor in my basement. The product was easy to use, the videos were very helpful, and most importantly my customer service rep was very responsive, knowledgeable, and helped a great deal."


– Fort Lauderdale, FL