EPIC® Tile & Grout

It Looks Like A New Floor... Now It's Better Than New!

Countless businesses such as restaurants, bars, and even hotels lose customers regularly because at times their guest restrooms and public bathrooms look dirty and unhygienic due to the state of their tile & grout floors and walls! You can avoid this by using EPIC Tile and Grout System. Each system contains Ultra Deep CleanUDT Grout Colorant, and EPIC High Performance Floor Finish to restore existing tile and grout to like-new condition. Present your customers with ultra-clean gleaming restroom walls, washroom floors, and showers with sparkling tiles.

EPIC Tile and Grout System is a three-step tile & grout cleaning and restoration process that will transform unsightly, stained grout and dull tile into like-new condition.

Step 1) Clean the tile and grout using Ultra Deep Clean mixed with water. This will deeply clean the tile and grout while opening the pores of the grout to release soil and contamination.
Step 2) Use UDT Grout Colorant to restore the original color or to update the grout color for an entirely new look.
Step 3) Apply EPIC Tile and Grout urethane in a Gloss or Matte finish. This will create a protective film over the entire surface preventing the soil and stains from recurring with normal maintenance.


  • Preserves rather than replace existing tile
  • Renews and freshens bathroom appearance
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides urine and hand sanitizer resistance
  • Meets ADA SCOF guidelines
  • Increases DCOF in wet or slip prone areas
  • Meets FDA requirements for floor coating in a food preparation area
  • Ultra Grip traction and abrasion additives are available

EPIC Clean & Coat


EPIC Clean, Color & Coat

EPIC Clean, Color & Coat


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EPIC for Tile & Grout PDS
EPIC Tile & Grout TDS
EPIC Tile & Grout TDS
Ultra Deep Clean
Ultra Deep Clean PDS
“Associates thought we had installed new tile and grout…it has given the restrooms a more clean and sanitary overall appearance!”
— John Gip Johnston III, Senior Manager – Corporate Facilities, The Home Depot