A Barn with a Mission: The Breakfast Club

By Kelly Negaard | Jan 18, 2022

Ultra Durable Technologies would like to extend a special shout out to Lars Anderson from Concrete Treatments, Inc. and our own Bryce Sunsdahl who joined our company president, Travis Negaard, as volunteers this past month at the Breakfast Club facility in Saint Michael, Minnesota. The Breakfast Club is a gorgeous new building that serves an…

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The Importance of Adhesion

By TNEGAARD | Jan 7, 2021

Achieving 100% adhesion with a coating system is an extremely important task as well as a necessary step that leads to ideal results. The entire performance of a coating system relies heavily on its adhesion. Any less than 100% adhesion to the substrate or between any of the layers or coats (inter-coat adhesion) will often…

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