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EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is the preferred floor finish for commercial and retail buildings due its superior protection against damage from foot traffic and furniture.

Retail and commercial buildings constantly suffer from scratches and scuffs as customers and employees drag in dirt, rainwater, snow, road salt, and other particles that constantly damage floor surfaces. Typically, the traditional barrier for this type of abrasion is acrylic wax finish. Unfortunately, wax requires intensive routine maintenance and only lasts 3-6 months before needing to be stripped and recoated.  UDT’s EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish, however, serves as an excellent sustainable solution to this toxic cycle!

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Did you know that buffing is a health hazard? Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria are propelled into the air from the floor. Luckily, EPIC is a unique finish because it never requires buffing. Floors will remain shiny, and business can carry on as usual without the frequent interruptions or scheduling hassles that accompany the use of wax finishes. Also, EPIC bolsters building safety due to its very low registered amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so building occupants can breathe easily.

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In addition to eliminating the need for buffing, EPIC only requires one thin recoat every 3-5 years in high-traffic areas! Therefore, recoat interruptions are infrequent, which minimizes interruptions of your business. Plus, our coating technologies can be walked on in as little as 4 hours (the 8-hour cure option can also be utilized if desired). Also, EPIC is extremely easy to clean. Only water or a neutral cleaner and the use of an auto scrubber or microfiber mop are needed. EPIC frees up labor time and minimizes material costs, saving businesses up to 71% on annual floor maintenance spending. Over time, this translates to thousands of dollars saved that can instead be earmarked for more urgent and significant projects. Finally, you can reduce the amount of maintenance resources that are poured into floorcare and putting non-floorcare building priorities on the back burner!


Whether you have LVT, VCT, sheet vinyl, linoleum, tile & grout, terrazzo or concrete floors, EPIC has the power to restore and transform surfaces to a like-new condition. Amazingly, it can even resist hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and medical-grade chemicals. Moreover, odors are eliminated from surfaces such as tile and grout in restrooms when UDT's EPIC Tile and Grout System is used. The powerful combination of Tile Pro Acid, UDT Grout Colorant, and EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish. yields a durable, non-porous, single barrier that locks out odor-causing bacteria.

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Acrylic wax must undergo a stripping process before being recoated several times a year. This outdated, environmentally toxic process sends multiple coats of acrylic wax finish and acrylic wax stripper down the drain. Even worse, routine maintenance of acrylic wax involves harsh chemicals.

EPIC truly supports sustainability because this water-soluble, biodegradable product does not need to be stripped. Instead of applying layer upon layer of wax and then eventually stripping it all off when it looks cloudy, yellow, and dingy, there is a better way to recoat floors. Just screen EPIC (after an impressive 3-5 years post-application), apply another single coat, and leave the task of stripping floors in the past!

Also, you only need to use water or other neutral/mild cleaner to maintain EPIC. This means you can cut out harsh chemicals from a floorcare regimen entirely. The result? You will be doing your part to clean up the floorcare industry AND saving time and money!

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability HERE.