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with your building occupants as our priority.

EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is a uniquely designed water-based floor coating that was engineered with the promotion of health and safety in mind. Ultra Durable Technologies believes that there is a better way to keep floors beautiful while serving a crucial role in the effort to ensure that our communities stay healthy and safe. Two of the biggest ways to protect building occupants is to support healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) and prevent slips and falls.

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Buffing floors is a health hazard. Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria are forced into the air and breathed by whoever walks into the vicinity. These airborne contaminants pose a health threat, especially with the prevalence of COVID, the flu and other infectious diseases than those that can be spread by airborne means. According to a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019), 

A variety of airborne infections in susceptible hosts can result from exposures to clinically significant microorganisms released into the air when environmental reservoirs (i.e., soil, water, dust, and decaying organic matter) are disturbed. Once these materials are brought indoors . . . by any of a number of vehicles (e.g., people, air currents, water, construction materials, and equipment), the attendant microorganisms can proliferate in various indoor ecological niches and, if subsequently disbursed into the air, serve as a source for airborne... infections (Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities, p. 20).

Typical levels of fine particulate matter and VOCs during a school day remain steady until floors are buffed between 4:00-7:30 PM. Levels spike considerably during that period of time.

Buffing particulate matter
Fine particulate matter (PM2) during buffing process.
Buffing VOCs
VOCs during buffing process.

Given this information, it is important to note that EPIC requires no buffing or stripping, which are two proven causes of poor indoor air quality (IAQ).  In fact, when wax and EPIC floorcare regimens are compared over time, there is a significant reduction in the exposure time to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with the use of EPIC. An added benefit of eliminating these pollutant-causing tasks is the decreased amount of time and labor required to keep the floors clean and looking their best. It is more important now than ever to keep the air pure and free from harmful contaminants, and thankfully, EPIC is an ideal alternative to traditional acrylic wax floorcare programs. 


In addition to healthier air, EPIC provides excellent slip resistance and meets ADA and OSHA DCOF non-slip traction recommendations when combined with UDT’s proprietary traction additives. These additives, Ultra Grip and UDT Aggregate, (see photos below), are available in a variety of grit levels. EPIC can be customized to fit the facility’s required level of traction as well as the desired level of shine (finer aggregates will yield a flatter and less shiny floor than coarse aggregates, which will yield a higher-gloss floor). By incorporating traction additives into EPIC’s one-coat system, your floors will be safe even after being mopped or when rain, snow, or salt get tracked in from outdoors.

long-term care and Senior living facilities

Although high-gloss coatings are typically preferred (given the common perception that shiny floors = clean floors), the floors specifically within long-term care facilities tend to be coated with a matte finish. Matte coatings offer a safer option for individuals with visual and/or neurological impairments, as they reduce the risk of accidents caused by glare from both natural and artificial lighting. The subdued sheen of matte finishes helps to prevent loss of balance and potential slips, trips, and falls among residents. Check out examples of our matte sheen in our EPIC PHOTO GALLERY.

Consult with a UDT professional today to find out more about our traction additives and other solutions for your facility. UDT takes its responsibility to ensure the health and safety of every EPIC-coated facility, one floor at a time.