EPIC Benefits:

Excellent Performance & Durability

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EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish

Durable floors that last 3-5 years or longer

Rejuvenated, protected, gorgeous.

Revolutionizing the coatings industry, finally there is a coating that resists wear and tear and chemical damage AND it lasts for years. The time is now to switch from acrylic wax and other water-based urethanes and make the switch to EPIC. Get ready to maintain floors more efficiently!

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excellent stain and chemical resistance

As the need for sanitizing and disinfecting has grown, it has become apparent that traditional acrylic finishes aren’t designed with extreme chemical resistance in mind. Harsh chemicals wear down acrylic wax as well as any remaining shine, leaving behind a sticky, dull, and dirty surface.

Fortunately, EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish is durable enough to resist even the strongest disinfectants, hand sanitizer, and medical-grade chemicals such as Povidone. It is also UV resistant, so it remains clear and does not yellow from repeated exposure to sunlight or fluorescent lighting. By standing strong against these common elements, EPIC prolongs the lifespan of any flooring.

a seamless barrier that guards against physical damage

Once applied, EPIC provides a non-porous, seamless barrier that consistently blocks out dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants (even for grouted surfaces). Additionally, EPIC is extremely resistant to abrasion and guards against scuffs, stains, and scratches. When combined with our wear additives, Ultra Grip or UDT Aggregate, EPIC is even tougher against damage from furniture, large garbage bins, and machines.

Unlike thick-build coatings that involve multiple layers of product, EPIC minimizes the risk of visible scratching by only requiring one thin coat. Thicker systems, by contrast, increase the possibility of deep scratches. This beautiful finish will last a lot longer than any other coating, even in areas with high volumes of traffic.


Concrete and terrazzo flooring are oftentimes polished, left bare, or coated with thick-film systems that don’t properly adhere to the substrate or are easily abraded. This leads to a multitude of issues such as flaking and bubbling that affect the overall integrity of the flooring. With EPIC, the natural beauty and strength of concrete and terrazzo floors are both enhanced and maintained.

Let's talk tile and grout

Grouted surfaces are oftentimes left unprotected and therefore are quickly worn down by foot traffic and harsh cleaning chemicals. Luckily, the EPIC Tile & Grout system is specifically designed to perform well and provide the same level of durability for tile and grout. EPIC’s seamless barrier is essential especially for grouted flooring, as it protects grout lines from becoming corroded and filled with odor-causing bacteria.

What about luxury vinyl (LVT/LVP) flooring?

Despite being marketed as “no-wax” or “maintenance-free” flooring, vinyl installed in high-traffic areas especially will require the addition of EPIC to reach its expected lifespan. The factory-applied coating on most vinyl will not last the life of the flooring, but EPIC can offer a long-term alternative for vinyl that withstands abusive environments.

Put simply, EPIC is truly the ideal solution for vinyl, linoleum, tile and grout, terrazzo, stone, and concrete.
EPIC Gloss on Sheet Vinyl

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