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Sure, you will earn LEED points, but you need to coat linoleum flooring to preserve its integrity and its beauty. Are you ready to learn about a better way to care for your linoleum floors?

Linoleum can be a tricky floor material to work with, but EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish for  is an excellent way to protect and rejuvenate your linoleum floors. Just one coat of EPIC lasts 3-5 years or more.

ER St. CLoud Hospital Linoleum edit 2
EPIC hospital room floor

Linoleum flooring is often marketed as a green product , and it is typically used in hospitals, clinics, schools, and government buildings.

  •  Made with linseed oil, wood or cork powder, and ground stone
  • Color shifting and yellowing often occurs
  • Typically sold in large sheets but also as 13”x13” square tiles
  • Considered recyclable 
  • Sensitive to solvents and alkalinity including wax strippers
  • Welded seams and cove-base is possible
  • May include a UV-cured factory finish 
  • Marketed as green with potential for LEED point contribution
EPIC vs. Acrylic was on linoleum

Unfortunately, linoleum’s non-welded seams are commonly known to deteriorate easily. It also tends to develop other detrimental issues such as adhesive protruding through tiles, moisture seeping between tiles, and/or excessive gaps forming between tiles due to settling or improper installation. Although linoleum usually comes with a protective UV-cured factory finish, the finish eventually degrades and leaves the flooring exposed. Linoleum is sensitive to solvents and alkalinity (high-pH cleaners and most wax strippers), meaning that traditional acrylic wax floor care programs are quite problematic for this type of flooring.

EPIC floor finish on Linoleum diagram
EPIC: Seals and protects

Because linoleum is a tricky floor type, the easiest way to protect and thoroughly seal it and its seams is with one coat of EPIC. It creates a waterproof barrier that is easy to clean and will prevent degradation. Additionally, EPIC enhances the natural color and provides a gorgeous sheen. Throughout the lifetime of the single coat, linoleum looks as good as it did when it was first applied.