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Terrazzo education hallway


Introducing a better way to care for terrazzo....with EPIC.

How do you seal terrazzo? One single coat of EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish on terrazzo lasts 3-5 years with no stripping, buffing, polishing, or yellowing. Not only will your floors remain gorgeous, but building occupants will breathe easier with improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Terrazzo is a composite material that is either poured into the floor or is prefabricated as precast terrazzo. As a versatile product, terrazzo is used for flooring, base, walls, stair treads, countertops, and other custom applications. It consists of chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shells, or other suitable materials and requires either a cement or epoxy matrix as the binder. Also, metal strips divide sections and delineate color transitions, decorative patterns, or logos and allow for movement or crack mitigation. Commonly, divider strips are made from aluminum, zinc, or brass. Floors covered with terrazzo are frequently installed in extremely high traffic areas of schools, hospitals, airports, museums, and stadiums.

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EPIC terrazzo fire station
Airport seating are covered with EPIC
Why is Terrazzo so popular in public and private facilities?

Although terrazzo floors were first installed in the United States in the 1890s, the material rose in popularity during the 1920s during the advent of the Art Deco Movement which featured sleek architecture defined by geometric patterns and stylized forms. Notably, one of the most iconic examples of terrazzo is the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame in California.

Frequently, terrazzo is often installed because it is an economical, extremely tough surface that can stand up to high traffic in buildings such as schools, hospitals, airports, museums, and stadiums. It is an especially useful floor type in facilities as it allows for smooth, quiet handling of rolling carts, wheelchairs, gurneys, and luggage, while still providing design impact.

Also, terrazzo offers exceptional beauty to spaces, especially If a project requires color to make an impact or requires a logo set into flooring. Terrazzo flooring can make this possible without the need for grout joints.

Convenience store floor coated with EPIC
EPIC for Terrazzo
EPIC Beats Traditional Maintenance Options

To maintain the shine of terrazzo floors, they have been traditionally subjected either to:

1) Continual grinding and polishing - Unfortunately, this is a slow, expensive endeavor that even “the pros” find terribly time-consuming and challenging. It also adversely impacts indoor air quality (IAQ), because of the particulates and pathogens are forced into the air.


2) The application of layers upon layers of acrylic wax - There are numerous issues with acrylic application processes as they entail the usage of ridiculously enormous amounts of water, energy, materials, and labor to strip and apply the wax.


You can care for your terrazzo floors more efficiently and consciously with the application of a single layer of EPIC. Amazingly, It lasts 3-5 years with no stripping, buffing, yellowing, AND it is environmentally sustainable. One simple scrub or grind followed by one coat of EPIC will yield a high shine that compares to results generated by polishing the surface.  By contrast, EPIC will be extremely more chemical resistant than polishing!  Unlike polishing, there is no need for a “polish guard” that requires ongoing, continual maintenance.