Floor Finish for Hospitality



FOR Hotels, Restaurants, & Event Centers

First impressions are very powerful.

People notice when a building is clean, and this is especially true in hotels, restaurants, and any space intended to feel welcoming to the public. If a facility’s floors have lost their shine, show wear patterns, are dirty, have yellowed, or are marked up by scuffs and scratches, guests will take this as a sign of poor upkeep or even contamination. By transforming troublesome floors and maintaining their shine with EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish, the facility is most likely to leave a positive first impression on its patrons. Are you ready for the best floor finish for the hospitality industry? Read on!

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Anyone that has checked into a hotel or restaurant when it is raining or snowing knows that lobbies and entrances can be some of the most dangerous areas of a building. Both finished and unfinished floors are often slippery when wet and pose a health hazard to patrons and employees. Additionally, these types of scenarios can be a major liability to the building owner. Luckily, EPIC ensures building safety by preventing slippery floors (and painful falls) with the use of its fine or coarse traction additives, Ultra Grip and UDT Aggregate Additive.

Getting the certification meant a lot to the Supervisor I sent to St. Cloud to get certified. He and the crew who got the training locally valued the investment we made to develop their skills. It was a good investment. The floors they applied your product to look great, and we saved a lot of money in reduced maintenance costs over the long term.”

-Jeff Klenovic, Evergreen Health

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EPIC contains low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so it is safe for use even in occupied spaces. It also eliminates the harmful method of buffing from a floor care regimen, which significantly improves the indoor air quality of a facility.  Buffing forces chemicals, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria to be propelled into the air from the floor, posing a health hazard. EPIC keeps the air free of those particles because of it entails a simplified maintenance regimen.

Because tile restroom floors that have not been properly sealed collect foul-smelling contaminants within grout pores, maintenance staff often struggles with cleaning tile and grout floors.  EPIC restores tiled surfaces to a better-than-new condition while providing a non-porous barrier. By blocking out odor-causing agents such as urine and bacteria, EPIC keeps restrooms fresh and odor free.

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In addition to eliminating buffing, EPIC also completely cuts out the need for stripping and waxing. Routine cleaning for EPIC only requires an auto scrubber or microfiber mop and gentle detergent, plain water, or any cleaner/sanitizer of choice. One recoat is only needed every 3-5 years in high-traffic areas and can be done in as little as 4 hours, which simplifies maintenance scheduling. Put simply, switching to EPIC saves an ever-increasing amount of time, energy, and money that can be poured into other priorities.

EPIC bonds directly to resilient flooring, tile & grout, terrazzo, and concrete. Plus, it provides extreme chemical and stain resistance. The abrasion resistance of EPIC can even be customized to meet slip-resistance and cleanability standards. By adhering to surfaces and penetrating all gaps to form a seamless membrane, EPIC makes cleaning and sanitizing a breeze.

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UDT’s EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish will rejuvenate and extend the life of any flooring while minimizing material waste and labor hours! One coat of EPIC is crystal clear, looks better than 5 coats of wax, and lasts an average of 3-5 years. That means that over 10 years, only 2 or 3 recoats of EPIC are required compared to an average 20-30 recoats of acrylic. Plus, instead of stripping between recoats, floors can simply be screened then coated. EPIC truly supports sustainability by keeping the wax and chemical stripper out of our ecosystem.