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We know that floors suffer an enormous amount of abuse. There are many factors to addres when planning floor coating systems. Here are a few that stand out:

Abrasion Resistance:

Floors can become damaged very quickly, especially in high traffic areas where there is large equipment, machinery, vehicles, and other heavy mobile objects.  By providing a buffer between the object in the floor (in the form of a mixed-in additive), floors will be protected.

Increased Traction: 

To increase safety of floors that become slippery and dangerous when wet, floor coatings should be incorporated with traction additives. Often, floors must often be tested to ensure that they meet ADA and OSHA DCOF non-slip traction recommendations. By adding this important step when coating floors, surfaces will be safe and comply with those regulations.

Matte Finish (Reduced Sheen):

While high-gloss coatings are often favored due to the widespread belief that shiny floors equate to cleanliness, long-term care facilities tend to opt for matte finishes on their floors.

Matte coatings provide a safer alternative, particularly for individuals with visual or neurological impairments, by minimizing the potential for accidents caused by glare from both natural and artificial lighting. The muted sheen of matte finishes plays a crucial role in averting balance loss and potential slips, trips, and falls among residents. The best way to decrease the sheen is to mix UDT additives into the coating.

Used with our EPIC High-Performance Floor Finish, UDT offers a variety of solutions to meet these demands. Read on to learn more about these products.

UDT Aggregate Additive

UDT Aggregate

UDT Aggregate Additive is packaged in 16 oz. wide-mouth jar.

EPIC Contractor Kit recommendation:
-Add 2 scoops (1.5 oz scoop included)

EPIC Standard Kit recommendation:
-Add 1 scoop (1.5 oz scoop included)

-Add to fully mixed EPIC while stirring with a stir stick.

-Stir contents frequently and before every pour or roll.
-Use T-bar / Back-roll process for #240

Ultra Grip Additive

Ultra Grip 2

Add Ultra Grip Medium into EPIC to increase traction and abrasion resistance. Ultra Grip Additive is conveniently packaged in bags to eliminate measuring in the field. Ultra Grip is designed to stay suspended longer in mixed EPIC during the application process compared to UDT Aggregate Additive.

Standard Kit = Use 1 bag (40 grams)

Contractor Kit =  Use 2 bags (80 grams)

More Info:

- Yields a semi-gloss appearance when added to EPIC Gloss

- Use T-bar / Back-roll or Roll / Back-roll application methods

- Approximate DCOF wet using BOT 3000E = .54

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UDT Traction & Abrasion Additives Data Sheets