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MC-UV Epoxy

Multi-Purpose, Clear, Tintable Epoxy

MC Epoxy was developed to be UDT’s most versatile and
economical, clear, two- component, 100% solids epoxy for
a variety of interior applications. Easily pigment MC Epoxy
with UltraColor E/P or UltraColor HTS pigments and adjust
the dry time by choosing either Fast Cure Part B or Standard
Cure Part B.

MC-UV Epoxy is frequently used as:

  • a thin-film pigmented or clear primer for UDT Grind & Seal systems
  • a “body coat” and “grout coat” for UDT Chip Flake and Quartz broadcast systems
  • a carrier for UDT’s Metallic systems
  • a stand-alone, solid-colored industrial epoxy system
Why Choose MC-UV Epoxy?

Pigmenting MC Epoxy at the jobsite provides advantages
for ordering and inventory. Choose from UltraColor E/P Pigment Packs, UltraColor HTS, and Metallic pigments. The long, openrecoat window allows for multiple top-coat options to provide additional protection and abrasion resistance.

Unique Advantages

• Very durable and chemical resistant
• Easy to use with extended working time
• Low odor & economical
• Low viscosity / great self-leveling
• Long open recoat window
• Color with UltraColor E/P or UltraColor HTS
Pigment or Metallics

Proven Industries

Residential: Garages and decorative concrete floors
Commercial: Stadiums, restaurants, kitchens, restrooms,
decorative floors
Institutional: Corridors, loading docks, warehouses
Government: Armed force bases, airport hangars,