UDT Metallic Pigment

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Deep - Rich - 3D - Exotic - Durable!


UDT Metallics are dry, powdered pigments composed of mica particles coated with various specialty organic and inorganic pigments. Combine UDT Metallics with MC Epoxy or MC-UV Epoxy to provide brilliant, iridescent, three-dimensional effects that are guaranteed to dazzle! 

Follow UDT’s detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) found in the Technical Data Sheet to ensure a successful metallic application every time. UDT's distributors will help you choose the best topcoat: EPIC Water-based Urethane or Ultra HTS High-solids urethane.  Also, for a very unique look, try the EPIC matte finish which has almost zero gloss, yielding an incredibly unique appearance that is like no other metallic topcoat on the market.

Unique Advantages

  • Excellent self-leveling
  • No bubbles or outgassing issues
  • Great color movement
  • Superb UV resistance and color-fastness
  • Compatible with multiple UDT topcoats
UDT Metallic Layers
Coated with Ultra HTS
Coated with Ultra HTS

UDT Metallic Pigment Colors