Concrete Floor Coating

Concrete by any other name just doesn’t have the same IMPACT. As a powder in a bag, it is concrete. Once it is mixed with water and is a flowing liquid paste, it is concrete. And when it is cured and is ready for a concrete floor coating, it is still concrete. So many varieties… Read more »

Commercial Concrete Sealer for Factory and Mall Floors

A commercial concrete sealer is an important tool for protecting your factory floor. Most malls also have concrete flooring that must be protected against the wear generated by heavy traffic. Some malls and commercial premises use terrazzo flooring, which demands just as much protection as concrete does. Ultra Durable Technologies, Inc. (UDT) IMPACT Concrete Sealer… Read more »

The Best Floor Coating for Terrazzo Floors

How do I keep my concrete and terrazzo looking their best? IMPACT is a coating for terrazzo floors and also concrete floors that are designed to protect concrete and terrazzo floors from physical wear and degradation by water and chemicals. Such flooring materials are generally strong and resistant to most uses, but they can wear… Read more »

Benefits of Ultra Deep Clean Tile & Grout Cleaner

That grout isn’t supposed to be black, is it? Dirty, soiled or stained grout can completely spoil the look of your floor. Even if the tiles are clean, the whole effect is spoiled if they are separated by dirty grey, brown or even black lines. Not only that, but grout is porous and can harbor… Read more »

Bathroom Odor

Bathroom Odor, Bad for your Nose… Bad for Business. As a commercial business owner, you take pride in your business and the success you are experiencing. But there may be one area you wish you could improve… The bathroom odor! Why does my bathroom smell? You know it’s there, your customers know it’s there. You… Read more »